2 months ago #255
    39.86 sec clear

    RW: Chain

    Alphinaud USB/LM2/Ace striker
    Protectga+Dark Valefor

    Minfilia USB,SSB/4*dive/DMT

    Ysayle USB/LM2/TGM
    Voltech+Abyssal Shards

    Papalymo USB,SSB/LM2/Double cast black RM
    Meltdown+Chain Firaja

    Y'shtola BSB/LM2/MM

    Minfilia casts USB, then entrusts to Papalymo so he can cast hastega SSB and his own USB back to back. Minfilia then casts SSB for last stand as backup so Y'shtola can catch up on healing.

    Alphinaud, Papalymo and Ysayle on dps duties. I used a mixed elemental team but I barely managed to win before Ultima timer hits. Sub 40 is ok for now.