3 months ago #251

    I was using Minfilia with GSB and SSB, but needed more damage so swapped her for Cid. He has his imperil SSB, but didn't use it, focusing on Burnt Offering instead. We kept going past 30 seconds so he ended up entrusting to Papalymo so he could Leylines before TGM ended, allowing him and Alph to speed cast at the end. Alph and Cid died near the end, but Papa's AOSB and Yda's fists finished the fight.

    And of course, when I look at the team now I realise Papa should have used Chain Firaja instead of Meltdown. Go team forgetful!

    LD Papalymo: R3 Protectga/R4 Meltdown; SSB2/USB/AOSB; Gathering Storm; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
    LD Yda: R4 Fires Within/R4 Ironfist Fire; USB; No Chicken Wuss; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/earth resist
    LD Y'shtola: R3 Shellga/R4 Curada; BSB; MM; moderate fire/earth resist
    LD Cid: R4 Burnt Offering/R4 Entrust; No SB; Wings Unfurled; 2x fire boost, major fire resist
    LD Alphinaud: R2 Hastega/R4 Lunar Ifrit; SSB; DMT; 2x fire boost, moderate fire/wind resist

    Magicite: Phoenix (Spell Ward 8, Health Boon 8), Madeen (Health Boon 8, Fast Act 10), Famfrit (Blade Ward 8, Health Boon 8), Madeen (Attack Boon 20 x2), King Bomb (Magic Boon 15)

    Here's what I remember of the fight:

    Papa Protectgas, then Meldowns into USB (at 10 seconds), more Meldowns, SSB at about 22 seconds, 1 more Meldown then AOSB

    Yda uses Fires Within, 2 Ironfists, then USB. From there she does more of the same.

    Y'shtola Shellgas, BSB, then Curadas. She uses BSB again before Tank Purge, then cmd2 which I think dualcasted, allowing us to survive the second. Then panic healing.

    Cid uses Chain, then Offerings, Entrusting to Papa when he has two and a bit bars. Then more Offerings.

    Alph Hastegas, SSBs, Ifrit, summons Phoenix at 10 seconds, refreshes the chain, then more Ifrit.