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User Info: azortex

1 month ago#351
8 victories so far, best time 00:22.63 (pretty consistent 22-24ish sec. farm team)

Tidus none, Sapphire Bullet (6) [CSB, USB] Dreamguide
Rikku Enfeebling Jitterbug (2), Sapphire Shot (6) [USB2] Knight's Charge
OK Entrust (6), Wrath (10) [pUSB] DMT
Sora none, Stormspell Strike (8) [AASB] Scholar's Boon
Elarra Shellga (8), Curada (10) [USB, BSB] MM

Main Geosgaeno (90/99)
Sub Famfrit (80/99), Famfrit (Dampen Lv6, Defense Lv10 [from 3★ Magicite]), Kraken (Emp Lv 15), Evrae (Health Lv5)

RW Fabula Guardian

Tidus: x2 Sapphire Bullet, CSB, Sapphire spam, USB, Sapphire spam, CSB
Rikku: Enfeebling, Sapphire Shot, USB, Sapphire spam -> USB (repeat)
OK: pUSB, Fabula Guardian, wrath/entrust into Elarra
Sora: Stormspell Strike x2, AASB, spam Stormspell
Elarra: Shellga, USB, Curada, BSB, USB, healed and used USB to reduce delay

• All fully dived
• Tidus had infuse water LMR, OK no action delay LMR
• Tidus, Rikku, Sora x2 water equipment
• Rikku imperil goddess (USB Thief Dressphere)

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#352

User Info: Faroth

1 month ago#353
I've pulled in every banner that Tidus Chain has appeared. But never got it.

I got Strago CSB, tho, and can sub-30 Belias (With Rydia USB2 and Palom USB). But My physical DPS doesn't seem to be enough

Any advice is appreciated.

Water DPS:
Tidus - BSB2 / LMR / OSB
Bartz - Glint / USB1 / All BSBs
Paine - BSB / BSB2 / SSB
Yuffie - USB2 / Glint / LMR

Support Stuff:
Ignis - BSB
Kimhari - BSB
Rikku - BSB / USB1
Onion Knight - pUSB

For heals, my best USB is Elarra's. Although I've got some more like Rosa, Relm, Selphie, Hilda, Eiko and some more I can't remember.

Maybe my only way to beat this thing is to do some Radiant Shield Strategy??? T-T
FFRK RW: Cloud USB - Code YWwo - Because why not

User Info: rashimon

1 month ago#354
Somehow managed to sub 30 this after acquiring Sora AASB. Not sure if this is most efficient, but it works nearly consistently for me to start farming.

Tidus 2x water boost, Flash Disaster, Sapphire Bullet much more water RM (Glint,CSB,BSB2,AOSB)
Riku 2x water boost, Spellbound Etude/ sapphire shot Lionheart RM (USB,BSB x2-3)
Aerith (curada/hastega) LMR MakoMight RM (usb2)
Sora (1x water boost) Stormspellstrike ,LMR, WeaknessRM USB/AASB
Elarra Enfeebling Jitterbug/Ode to victory LMR DMT rm (USB

Tidus> FD to Glint to SB to CSB to then SB up to BSB2 to AOSB
Riku > enfeeble, SS, then USB,then SS until BSB
aerith Hastega, then heal as needed
Sora not sure if im doing aasb right, but SSS to USB then AASB and spam away
Elarra enfeeble, ode to victory sprinkle with USB particularly after savage meltdown

User Info: shadestreet

1 month ago#355
@rashimon posted...
Sora not sure if im doing aasb right, but SSS to USB then AASB and spam away

Congrats on the sub30!

For Sora I find it best to just skip his USB altogether unless running a dedicated entrust bot. I suspect you would get even a faster clear if you immediately go to AASB, though without a Chain perhaps you need that stat boost a bit more than I would expect?

I would also try running Gathering Storm for his RM to see how the clear is affected.

Oh yeah, he should get double water boost relics over Rikku/Tidus if possible unless he is capping his SSS after AASB (which I doubt he is without Chain).

User Info: rashimon

1 month ago#356
Thanks @shadestreet,
I apparently do not have a waterboosting sword for Sora yet, just a mishmash of FFX gear that somehow doesnt include sword lol.

didnt think about gathering storm rm, but i suspect i still need water boost sword to make up the lack of power.

Just tried jumping in with AASB and wow shaved 2 seconds off. great advice.

User Info: shadestreet

1 month ago#357
@rashimon if you never did the full throttle draw, Tidus OSB is one of the selection-water+ 6* Sword.

As for Gathering Storm, it’s value is diminished when running both Elarra and Aerith, but in other battles you’ll find it very good so Sora can get in as many hits as possible during the limited damage cap break window.

User Info: Summoner_Sage

4 weeks ago#358
Started farming Phoenix last week, and so far have 24 current victories against it with my best time at 22:18. Need to beat it 16 more times, but I'll save that for another time I'm feeling motivated. I'm glad Phoenix was a relatively painless sub-30 and each victory was more or less guaranteed.

Sora (LM2, LM1) | ASB | R4 Stormspell Strike, R5 Shellga | Truthseeker
Tidus (LM2, LM1) | AOSB, CSB, USB1, Glint | R3 Sapphire Bullet | Scholar's Boon
Kimahri (4* dive) | USB, SSB | R5 Magic Breakdown, R5 Armor Breakdown | Mako Might
Elarra (LMR, LM1) | USB1 | R4 Ode to Victory, R2 Hastega | Dr. Mog's Teachings
Shelke (LM2, LM1) | R3 Entrust, R5 Wrath | Battleforged
RW: Fabula Guardian

Sora: Shellga -> Stormspell Strike -> ASB -> Stormspell Strike spam
Tidus: RW -> Glint -> CSB -> Sapphire Bullet spam -> USB -> Sapphire Bullet spam -> AOSB
Kimahri: USB -> Armor Breakdown -> Magic Breakdown -> Magicite -> SSB -> Armor Breakdown -> Magic Breakdown -> SSB
Elarra: Hastega -> USB1 -> Ode to Victory -> USB1 -> Ode to Victory -> USB1 -> Ode to Victory -> USB1 spam
Shelke: Wrath x 2 -> Entrust (to Tidus) -> Wrath -> Entrust (to Elarra) -> Wrath -> Entrust (to Elarra) -> Wrath -> Entrust (to Tidus) -> Entrust (to Elarra)

Kimahri's abilities are mostly filler, just to give him something to do. His SSB blocking Savage Meltdown is nice I suppose. If only I had his BSB for imperils or even just a water dragoon ability for him to use.
"How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist.."
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: ZeroQ8

4 weeks ago#359
This guy is gonna get F real bad soon

User Info: Cryptogram

4 weeks ago#360
So far 6 victories for this bird-brain. My clear times usually go between 24s to 28s (depending on w-casts)

My typical team involves:

Tidus (LMR, LM2) | USB1 (Day to Remember) | R4 SS, R3 Sapphire Bullet | Dreamguide
Elarra (LM1, LM2) | USB1 | R4 Ultra Cure, R5 Shellga | MM
Aerith (LMR, LM2) | USB2 | R4 Curada, R3? Hastega | Gathering Storm
Rikku (LM1, LM2) | CSB, BSB1 (Machinations) | R4 SS, R2 Enfeebling Jitterbug (gotta do sumthin'?) | DMT
Butz (LM2, LMR) | USB1, USB2, AOSB | R5 Engulfing Quadstrike, R4 StormSpell Strike | Scholar's Boon

Tidus: Wait -> Sapphire Bullet spam -> USB1 -> Sapphire Bullet spam -> USB1 -> SS (If needed)
Elarra: Shellga -> Wait -> USB1 (after attacked with Fireball) -> UC (when necessary) -> USB1
Aerith: Hastega -> Wait until healing or USB2 is needed
Rikku: Chain -> EJ -> SS spam -> BSB1 -> SS (until Chain runs out) -> CSB refresh (around 20s in) -> SS
Butz: Wait -> StormSpell spam -> USB1 -> StormSpell spam -> USB2 -> StormSpell spam -> Engulfing Quadstrike (If needed)
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(edited 4 weeks ago)
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