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User Info: ffrkowaway

4 weeks ago#331

User Info: towelrack

4 weeks ago#332
After quite a bit of tinkering, I think I've managed a setup for consistent sub-30 runs. Best time so far is 27.96...

Tidus: Water equip x2 / SB R4 / CSB, USB / LMR, LM2 / MM
Paine: Water equip x2 / SSS R4 / USB / LM1, LM2 / Scholar's Boon
Yuffie : Water equip x1 / Reflecting Pool R3, RP R3 / USB1, USB2 / LM1, LM2 / Sacred Tradition
OK: Wrath R5, Entrust R3 / pUSB / LMR / DMT
Elarra: Curada R4, Shellga / USB / LM1, LM2 / Lionheart

MM: Geosgaeno
Subs: Geos, Famfrit, Famfrit, Evrae

Tidus opens up with chain, and then Yuffie drops wall while OK begins to entrust Elarra all day. Paine dpses away, while Tidus activates USB after enough gauge and then just keeps up chain. Yuffie will also drop Geos right at 10s. Sometimes I seem to mess up timings, and Yuffie USB1 can save the run in a pinch.

I had a team with Aria spamming USB and that seemed to be a pretty safe run too, but wasn't anywhere near sub-30s (taking out Yuffie, and OK entrusting Tidus instead). Survivability seemed to go way up too once I got a 2nd Famfrit on the team.

User Info: zibba1331

3 weeks ago#333
Dirty bird down. 24s

Elarra USB/BSB
Yuffie BSB2/AOSB

OK pUSB, entrust once to tidus, and then feed elarra for the remainder.

Elarra USB, then BSB, then see how things go...but mostly USB.

Yuffie fires off geo at the 10s mark.

Took me a few dry runs to get timing down, and figure out how things would fit together. Man, this is one fast avian. Thought the lack of pblink would be a problem, but things seem fine without it. Anyway, somewhat as expected this was not that tough.
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User Info: Holy Stone

Holy Stone
3 weeks ago#334
Finally attempted Phoenix today after not being able to take down Quetz or Belias (haven't even attempted Geo). I thought I might have a chance since I have Tidus CSB/AOSB/LMR and Yuffie USB2/AOSB. Turns out I had more than a chance and beat Phoenix in under 30s.

Tidus: Lifesiphon/Sapphire Bullet - CSB/BSB2/AOSB - Full Dive - LMR - Heightened Senses - 2x water boost
Bartz: Lifesihpon/Stormspell Strike - USB1/BSB2 - Full Dive - Scholar's Boon - 1x water boost
OK: Wrath/Entrust - pUSB - DMT
Yuffie: RP/RW - USB2/AOSB - Full Dive - No Chicken Wuss - 2x Water Boost
Elarra: Curada/Shellga - USB1 - Full Dive
Main: Kraken - Empower Water lvl15 inherit
Sub: Kraken - Famfrit - 2xEvrae
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User Info: Azmar69

3 weeks ago#335
Got it on my second try. Thanks to those who were nice enough to post in this thread I was able to put together a good team. 37 seconds but only expert, 2 medals lost for damage and one for actions...nobody died. Never had that happen before on a magicite but oh well. This was essentially my 3* and 4* fire teams with Rikku instead of Edge. With an entruster + Lionheart RM I was casting Elarra's USB 2 out of every 3 turns and no need for last stand. Only the heavy AOE attack around 20 seconds got anyone real close to death. Only listed SBs used, some characters watered a bit

Tidus - SB r4, SS r3 // CSB, OSB // Full Dive // En-Water LMR // DrMT ---- 2 water boosts
Bartz - Stormspell r4, EQS r3 // water BSSB, USB2, OSB // FullDive // LMRs // Love's Wake ---- 2 water boosts
Rikku - SS r4, Enfeebling Jitterbug r1 // USB2 // Full Dive // Battleforged ---- 2 water boosts
Elarra - Curada r4, Shellga r2 // USB1 // Full Dive // LMR // Lionheart
OK - Entrust r4, Wrath r5 // pUSB // Full-Dive // LMR // MM

So fast, but so much gauge in return. I spammed 4 OSBs between Bartz and Tidus at the end with the second chain waning. The only other option I have for subbing out Rikku is Wakka's USB1 but it seems like a wash, or putting Edge in but blinks won't last and I don't think I desperately need the Last Stand. Now to tweak the setup til it's farmable and beat him *checks reddit guide* ...24 times. no thanks
Went back to a very basic team, and surprisingly finally got a 100% consistent sub30 team. Dropped Ignis BSB for OK pUSB since picking up Strago's chain from RoP.

No AOSB, requires Fabula healing. OK and Strago were doing surprisingly decent damage with Vortex and Chain Waterja lulz.
Wow, did not expect to get that on my first try, let alone in 35.xx seconds. The same Tidus that dominated Maliris, holds up here.

Full party was:
Tidus - CSB, USB, OSB, BSB2 + LMR
Elarra - USB
Bartz - ASB, OSB + LMR
Wakka - USB

Deck: Main - Geo with only a 7 water and 4 fire res inheritance.
Sub - Famfrit (same as Geo), Evrae, Gizmaluke + Kraken

Early: OK uses pUSB right away, Elarra used her USB as soon as the first damage registered, Bartz & Tidus spammed 6* abilities. Then Wakka & OK wrath'd.
Mid-Early: OK shipped a bar to Tidus, Wakka used his USB for imperil, Tidus used his USB and CSB.
Middle: Tidus & Bartz continue spamming abilities and using their soul breaks when available, OK & Wakka wrath, Elarra spams Curada, USB when available.
Late: All bars go to Elarra to keep us alive with USB spam.

Having not really read through the rest of the topic, I have to wonder if Relm would be a better choice than Elarra here as you'd have the bubble to absorb a few extra shots and all your late attacks would be instant. I'll have to try that next.
FFRK ID: 24F2 - Shadow BSB for dailies

User Info: Smealiko

2 weeks ago#338
Thanks fellas no chain and AOSB, water is my weakest element. Curilla is awesome against this boss.
Swapped in Relm and it just didn't work, Elarra with the regenga was more beneficial. I put TGM RM on Tidus and got my sub30, pretty pumped. First sub30 on 5*s.
FFRK ID: 24F2 - Shadow BSB for dailies

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 week ago#340
Speaking of Relm, here's someone who made her work, if it helps:
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