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  3. How many torment rubies have you earned?

User Info: sarothias

4 months ago#1
All of them, including the ones you've spent - Results (135 votes)
0 (don't care to try the T2s)
13.33% (18 votes)
10 - 500
28.15% (38 votes)
510 - 1000
8.89% (12 votes)
1010 - 1500
10.37% (14 votes)
1510 - 2000
11.11% (15 votes)
2010 - 2500
14.07% (19 votes)
2510 - 3000
5.93% (8 votes)
3010 - 3500
3.7% (5 votes)
3510 - 4130
0.74% (1 vote)
All of them (4140)
3.7% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So question is in the title. I remember when @Relm_Arrowny_87 did a thread like awhile back. Thought it might be interesting to do a check in and see once again where everyone is at :) Copied your poll header as well Relm ;)

Here is the prior thread when the maximum rubies was 1920 for those who are curious.

As of today, if my calculations are correct their should be a maximum obtainable total of 4,140 rubies.
9 torments each offering a maximum of 40/160/260 possible from the 240/280/D??? respectively.
9 x 460 = 4,140.

If you haven't spent rubies on anything whatsoever except new abilities, an easy way to tell the total earned is multiply 180 x number of abilities purchased + rubies on hand.

For myself I have earned 3100 so far, with potential to earn some more if I can bring myself to work on my timings on a couple or just do better lol. I have purchased 14 of the 15 6* abilities (i'll purchase the monk fire fists someday. No need yet) and 50 Wisdom Motes. Still have 530 rubies on hand.

How about you all?
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User Info: KnightLordST

4 months ago#2
All but 40 missing from XV torment sub40.

User Info: raoxi

4 months ago#3
13 skills purchased with 90 rubies now

been too lazy with D???. definitely have the resources to claim much more. but am more interested with sub30-ing the 5* magicite instead.

User Info: ZeroQ8

4 months ago#4

User Info: Cuticrusader09

4 months ago#5
14 skills purchased with 620 on hand so...3140.
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User Info: Shaker_

4 months ago#6
Precisely 3500, though I still have two untouched D??? (13 - will be lucky to 100% and 15, which should be sub40), and 40 left in FF6 I'm reasonably sure I can get. FF12 can take a leap, though.
I do math.
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

4 months ago#7
like 3000+ or so, i dont count
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User Info: SacredX

4 months ago#8
Let's see... I have all abilities and an additional 150, so that should be around 2,850. I haven't gone back and improved on many of the Torment battles via powercreep, I'll probably try to improve a few before the next Torment comes out.
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User Info: Laj_1

4 months ago#9
Whatever the ammount for the first 2 stages on every torment so far and two 70% "clears".
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User Info: Godric1696

4 months ago#10
Let's see... three skills... thats 840 total with what I have sitting around.

I've done three torments with sub30 D240 & D280 and one D??? 47 seconds. and another D??? at 53%

I have some work to do but I haven't attempted any of the others yet. Should be good for another two or three D240/D280 sub30s and at least D??? 50% without going out of my way.
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