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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 months ago#1
Fang: "Finally, a real challenge!"
Lightning: "We can win if we stay focused!"
Vanille: "...Can't we just run away?"

Decided to repost this because of a notable error in the original topic. Poison has 100% proc odds in this fight.
My original post for reference: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/77157690

If you need (or want) any help with Long Gui, feel free to use m0rningstar's Multiplayer Raid Assistance Topic, here:

-- Long Gui (Infernal+) --
Medals: Finish with 2 or more heroes not KO'd
Stats (Multi):
Long Gui: 1,589,759 HP [Solo: 1,059,839 HP] / 2177 ATK / 1977 MAG / 380-420 SPD [Solo: 530-570 SPD]
- normal: 25988 DEF / 30988 RES
- downed: 15988 DEF / 20988 RES
Foreleg: 194,759 HP [Solo: 129,839 HP] / 17988 DEF / 22988 RES
*Note: All damage dealt to the Foreleg is divided by 1+.2*[number of times it has revived].
Both targets: Bio (50% weak), all other elements (50% resists)
Normally: None
Downed: Poison [Poison does 99999 damage, and any ability that can inflict Poison will inflict it. The Poison status is cleared when Long Gui stands back up.]
Breaks/Mitigation: Resists breaks (50%); Mixed mitigation

Physical moves:
Attack (PHY, 656% damage),
Roar (NAT, AoE, 500% ranged damage, Dispel)
Magical moves:
Quake (BLK, AoE, 650% Earth damage)
Ultimate Earth Shaker (NAT, AoE, 700% Earth damage, 12% Interrupt)
Ultimate Ultima (NAT, AoE, 730% damage)
Other moves:
Infernal Trample (NAT, 99999 damage)
Doom (NAT, 60s Doom)

AI notes:
- Phase 1 (>71% HP):
T1: Wait
T2: Wait
T3: Wait
T4: Attack
T5+5n: Infernal Trample
T6+5n: Roar
T9+10n: Ultimate Ultima

- Phase 2 (<71% HP):
T1+4n: Infernal Trample
T4+5n: Roar
T6+5n: Ultimate Ultima

- Phase 3 (<41% HP):
T1+3n: Infernal Trample
T2+4n: Roar
T3+5n: Ultimate Ultima

*If multiple abilities are scripted at the same time, the priority is Infernal Trample, then Roar, then Ultimate Ultima. The lower-priority attack will be bumped to the next turn.

- Random pattern during all phases:
20%: Attack
20% (T6+): Doom
30% (T8+): Quake
30% (T12+): Ultimate Earth Shaker

- Foreleg and stagger mechanics:
The Foreleg makes no attacks of its own. Depleting the Foreleg's HP will cause Long Gui to fall down for 12 seconds. During this time, Long Gui makes no attacks, has significantly lower DEF and RES, and becomes vulnerable to the Poison status. In this fight, Poison will always do 99999 damage, and it damages every 5 seconds like usual. Additionally, any ability that can inflict Poison is guaranteed to inflict it.

After 12 seconds, Long Gui stands back up, the Poison status is cleared, and the Foreleg is revived to full health. Each time this occurs, the Foreleg's defenses increase.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 months ago#2
- Strats
The biggest problems are Roar's AoE Dispel, Trample's 99999-damage hits, and Long Gui's sheer bulk. Unfortunately, Long Gui is scripted to really spam both Roar and Trample, so you need to be ready for them frequently. Last Stand is effectively required for the 99999 hits, while phys blinks can block Roar's scripted Dispels for you. (Note that Trample goes right through blinks.) Edge's SSB is obviously great for this fight, but you'll likely still want 1-2 more Last Stand sources on top of that. Also, keep in mind that staggering Long Gui will stop its attacks for a good while.

As for Long Gui's defenses... Yeah, it's weak to Bio. If you have some really powerful Bio tech, then go for it I guess. You can't use magicite passives anyway, so Bio is marginally less "lolBio" here. More likely though, you'll probably want to stack an elemental chain and multiple imperils to crack those ridiculous defenses. Non-elemental damage exists too, but would have trouble getting through that amount of HP on its own. Staggering Long Gui will also lower its defense stats a bit, but that means attacking the Foreleg which ultimately has the same elemental defenses to get past. Note that mage teams seem more effective than physical teams here, probably just by virtue of their higher multipliers.

There's also the Poison vulnerability to consider. You can only land Poison while Long Gui is staggered, and it clears as soon as Gui stands back up. At 99999 guaranteed damage, it's very high DPS while it lasts, but the damage is short-lived. Poison is, however, guaranteed to land in this fight, so you should squeeze it into the party if possible. Note that you'll want to stick it within 2s of post-stagger so that you get 99999x2 damage. Otherwise you'll only get a single 99999.

Otherwise, Wall+Protectga+Shellga and Earth resists. Long Gui hits hard enough that you may wish to debuff it as well, but it seems less important here compared to Kaiser and Jumbo. The 12% Interrupt is a relatively minor nuisance, but you can block it as per normal (Astra, etc) if needed. The 60s Doom may also be a concern considering Long Gui's defenses. Not much you can do about that though, except for reviving afterwards or just killing Gui faster.

Alternately, a no-healer team is viable here, since you can keep Long Gui off his feet fairly easily if you go full-DPS. I'd recommend it if you think you can pull it off. No-healer seems particularly effective in solo, though it might be viable in multi too.

Solo-specific notes: You have your RW like normal, and you're also free to exploit hit-and-run tactics if needed. That opens up some potential shenanigans for downing Long Gui before it even has a chance to attack.

- Poison-inflicting abilities
All abilities that can inflict Poison will inflict it during this fight. That means that all of the following abilities have a 100% Poison proc rate here.

Bio Grenade
Poison Shell
Quadruple Foul
Venom Buster
Venom Attack
Chain Biora

Edgar BSB "Bio Chainsaw" (BSB opener, and also each cmd)
Quistis BSB "Hail to the Queen" (cmd1 only)
Edgar OSB "Enhanced Bioblaster"
Quistis OSB "Doomtrain"
Wakka SSB "Aurochs Reels"
Edgar unique "Bioblaster"
Vivi unique "Doublecast Venom"
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Uiru

3 months ago#3
Get your Piercing Strikes and your Venom Attacks ready, kids, because I've got a whale of a tale for ya


You know what's not dead? Cloud USB! Yay?

SEVEN OF TEN MOVES ARE 4* OR LESS. Only one 5* move is vital. Please enjoy this poverty solo clear! *laughs out loud a lot*

Zack 99 LD: Lifesiphon, Omega Drive / Ace Striker / CSB
Aeris 99 LD+LMR: Venom Attack, Curada / Gathering Storm / USB2
Edge 99 LD+LMR: Phantasm, Phantasm / Mako Might / USB0
Shelke 99 LD: Wrath, Entrust / Battleforged
Tifa 99 LD+LMR: Piercing Strike, Piercing Strike / Fists of Justice / USB2


Shelke goes www (do it) and then e to Tifa. She can give a bar to Edge if she wants but most of her love goes to Aeris. Edge needs to USB0 again if Tifa loses her blink; taking a roar will remove her haste and she doesn't have time for that. Also, gear Edge for mind over mag.

Tifa uses her first two turns to punch the leg for a cool 9999 each time. Edge points phantasms at the leg. All other damage goes at the body. Tifa MUST get an LM2 proc on one of her first two turns, because Cloud USB followed by USB2 without a speed boost is going to cost you a turn, and you're on the clock here. Shoot ONE doublecast Piercing Strike at the leg, and if this doesn't bring it down Edge needs to finish it before Tifa gets another turn. Immediately have Aeris use Venom Attack for the first time in Record Keeper history. 18 shots of Piercing Strike MINIMUM, double R5 recommended. You should be getting 49-50k per hit with an offrealm 6*+ fist (and I only just now realize I have ONrealm 6* fists...). When it gets back up, just last stand to the finish line; Edge and Aeris should have plenty of gauge by this point.

Zack is here for the attack and crit damage boost and does little else. :p Reup his CSB whenever you want; you aren't using wind attacks so it doesn't matter. You could probably get mostly the same results with Ignis BSB; the 100% crit would be wasted and 30% isn't as good as 50% but with the poison procs there's a little bit of wiggle room here. Tossing in an instant cast for the Cloud USB reup wouldn't be terrible either.

Why the f*** does Aeris have support 2? Also she's here 100% for Last Stand and HQC3; I'm not sure she even needs Curada. Throw on Ultros or Bahamut or something for the lols?

User Info: JDX22

3 months ago#4
Fire version of @Relm_Arrowny_87 strat!

Edge, Smoldering + SiT, SSB, Ace Striker, LM2, LMR
Terra, Meltdown + Vali, ASB, bUSB, Glint, Battleforged, LM2, LMR
Vincent, CFiraga + Wrath, CSB, MM, LM2, LMR
Vivu, CFiraja + CFiraga, USB, Gathering Storm, LM2
OK, CFiraga + Entust, mUSB, LMMagic, LMR

+Rikku USB RW

2 fire boost on all except Edge

Gauge is a serious problem. Tried juggling Vincent BSB2, which was a bad idea. Lost CSB right as Terra ASB. Should have held on to Vivi’s USB longer. Ran out of absolutely everything and won with the leg up after 2 breaks, Terra dualcasting her Brave ability at l0.
FFRK: e19o

User Info: Godric1696

3 months ago#5
Thank you for your hard work @Relm_Arrowny_87. Your patience and determination does not go unnoticed.
Divine Veil Grimoire (461 Mind)

User Info: ShinUltima

3 months ago#6
Solo unoriginal team is unoriginal:

Cloud (LM1+LMR2): R5 Life Siphon, R4 Raging Quadstrike, Swd DMG+30% (Glint/USB1/USB2/AOSB), double wind boost
Zack (LM1+LM2): R5 Life Siphon, R4 Ripping Blast, Wind DMG+30% (CSB/BSSB), one wind boost
Faris: R5 Wrath, R3 Dash&Slash, Gathering Storm (SSB/BSSB1)
Aerith (LM1+LM2): R2 Hastega, R4 Curada, Acestriker (USB2)
Shelke (LM1+LM2): R5 Wrath, R3 Entrust, Battleforged (no SB)

RW: Edge SSB2

It was a waste of time, but earth resist on everyone.

Not much to say here. Build bars at the beginning, drop chain after Roar, stack IMperils, and unleash God Cloud. My winning run wasn't as clean as I would have liked since I took a little long in Phase 1 and lost Zack to Infernal Ultima, though at least got had gotten off his chain and BSSB by that point. I couldn't quite win in one chain, nor did I win before Long Gui stood back up, though by that time it had less than 10% HP left, so it wasn't hard to grind out.

By far the most annoying thing for me in this fight was the beginning RNG - It took me five tries to get a run where turn 4 Attack -> turn 5 Infernal Trample didn't target the same character, since I was looking to save Aerith's USB2 until after Roar, but Ror would KO anyone who didn't have Physical Blink and no Last Stand. It happened so many times in a row that I went to check the AI on Reddit to make sure it wasn't scripted. But no, it was just bad RNG. On my 5th try I finally got Attack and Infernal Trample landing on two different characters and won that time.


On a completely unrelated note... Relm, is there any reason why you have Tyro USB2 as your RW instead of Tyro USB3, like it was before? I had been meaning to ask this for weeks now.
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
PSN: ShinUltima

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 months ago#7
@ShinUltima posted...
On a completely unrelated note... Relm, is there any reason why you have Tyro USB2 as your RW instead of Tyro USB3, like it was before? I had been meaning to ask this for weeks now.

... ... ...Wait, what the heck?

Sigh. I didn't change that. I haven't gone into that menu for months. ...It unequipped my staff, too. This game sometimes...

Well, for what it worth, I just changed it back. Thanks for letting me know.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: ShinUltima

3 months ago#8
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
@ShinUltima posted...
On a completely unrelated note... Relm, is there any reason why you have Tyro USB2 as your RW instead of Tyro USB3, like it was before? I had been meaning to ask this for weeks now.

... ... ...Wait, what the heck?

Sigh. I didn't change that. I haven't gone into that menu for months. ...It unequipped my staff, too. This game sometimes...

Well, for what it worth, I just changed it back. Thanks for letting me know.

That's what I figured. I couldn't think of a reason to switch Rw to Tyro USB2 unless you were purposefully trying to get followers to stop following you. :p
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
PSN: ShinUltima
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