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User Info: NinoNii

4 months ago#1
I have done 5 LD. There is a bunch of ways to talk about this, from many different points of view. Legend dived characters all have served it's own purpose when each of them happened.

I will list a category and you should choose ONE (and only one) to be the winner, a runner up is allowed as well.

Total LD: 5 (Orlandeau, Yuffie, Shelke, Vivi, Palom)

Most regretted: None, really. I don't think I have any "regrets"

Most powerful DPS-wise: Vivi, Palom

Most Used: Overall, since the start? Orlandeau. More recently, Yuffie without any doubt.

Least Used: Shelke (sadly)

Most Recent: Palom. My mage teams have been weak. Not anymore

Next Planned: Dunno. Depends on what relics I snag.

Waifu/Husbando LD: none so far :(

What are your winners of each category?

If there is anything else you want add or mention, go ahead please.
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User Info: Gingersquatch86

4 months ago#3
I think I'm at 50 or so lol

Top dps: Rinoa, Ashe, Shantotto, Zidane, Decil, Maria, Celes, Squall,

Most used: chain holders. Zack, Prompto, Laguna, Serah. Killer buffers: OK, Quistis. And beastly healers: Aerith, Deuce (especially now that I have onion knight usb and her bsb works with both that and the new chains)

Least used: I dove Cid xiv in prep for the torment so he can dual cast fire imperils and build chain but legit havent even used him yet lol. Also I've used Garnet with bsb2/usb a ton prior to diving her but haven't really had room for her since. Nabbing prompto chain and ok musb really shook up my team comp and made me less reliant on ACM/imperil support

Regrets: nah I still have motes kicking around, motes coming and nothing else really worth investing in hard right now. Fujin was kind of a waste though. She was in my torment team initially but I ended up dumping her and haven't had much use for her since, seeing as she doesn't even have a usb. Oh well.

I have some old dives kicking around that made sense when they happened. Like Noctis and Yuna (she was instrumental in my golem clears back when wind magic wasn't a thing and tiamat needed insane magic to hit 3 hits) hard to regret something I got a ton of use out of and Noctis put in work in torment and yuna is about to do the same, plus she's just a dbl summon lmr away from being a powerhouse for me right now

User Info: Rman0099

4 months ago#4
As a vet that has been around since day 1 of LD and never missed a 5star mote I have totally lost track of my dives. At this point I have a backlog of "nice to have" dives with a nice pool of motes to throw at a character.

I'm basically diving on an as needed basis. FFXII T2 issue? Just chuck a few at Vaan. XIII problem? Throw some at Serah. Both did the trick and I wrapped it up with another 4 or 5 mages I can do and 2 or 3 phys. Brave doesn't count since I have ~1k of those and will trade people if they want them.

For us old folks there are so many motes flying around there is no point in being stingy anymore. Newer players now have so many locked behind unfriendly top tier content that they will have to be a bit more frugal.
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User Info: Godric1696

4 months ago#5
Edge: USB, BSB, SSB2, Unique
Onion Knight: USB1/2, BSB, SSB1/2, LMR
Bartz, USB1, OSB, Glint, AOSB, Unique, LMR
Pecil: USB1/2, OSB, BSB1, AOSB, SSB (favorite)
Barbariccia: USB, BSB, LMR
Terra: USB1/2, Glint, BSB1, AOSB, OSB, SSB, LMR
Cloud: USB1/2 BSB1/2 OSB1/2, AOSB, Glint, SSB, Unique LMR2,
Eiko: USB, BSB, SSB, Unique, LMR
Kuja: USB, BSB1/2, SSB, Unique
Alphinaud: USB, BSB, SSB
Orlandeau: USB, OSB, BSB, LMR
Tyro, USB1/2/3, OSB, LMR
Squall: USB2, OSB, BSB2, AOSB, LMR


759 :(


USB Select Possible Select Options (If even a choice)

Maria: OSB, BSB (if I get USB)
Celes: OSB, BSB1/2, SSB (If I get USB)
Agrias: OSB, SSB, Unique, LMR (If I get USB)
Ashe: OSB, AOSB, Unique, LMR (If I get USB)

Locke: USB1/2, BSB1/2, SSB, LMR
Celes: OSB, BSB1/2, SSB (If I get USB)
Aerith or Elarra;
Aerith: USB1/2, BSB1, SSB, LMR
Elarra, USB, LMR, would pursue BSB
Shelke: LMR, for T2 and 5* magicite
Rinoa: USB1, Glint, AOSB, LMR (DC)
Vivi: USB, OSB, BSB1, SSB1, LMR (Fire Infuse
Prompto: USB, BSB, SSB, LMR
Ramza: Full SBs, LMR
Marche: USB

I do not use Pecil anymore. I am considering Vivi after all this time benching him. Finally considering Shelke despite sub30 all 3 and 4* magicite. Considering a 2nd white mage dive but leaning towards Elarra since Last Stands are so plentiful.

Edge is still my most valuable and versatile dive. Barbariccia was a controversial chase but does 5k a hit against 4* and am happy with the results against diving the only magical imperil wind BSB available as opposed to waiting for Ultimecia. I do not believe that ability doubles are always the answer, but rather that a balanced team is the best approach.

My most recent dive was Alphinaud and with the right RM he now caps 9,999 and three hits with one faithga against most 4* magicite. A versatile summoner indeed. Rydia is a favorite but I have always leaned towards versatility.

Luneth, while fun and probably a impulsive beginning dive after Pecil, just doesn't make it onto any wind teams except the Wisdom Mote dungeon. Even with his IC3 and soul breaks where he has virtually no air time and caps with soul breaks that hit an equivalent of a OSB, I'm hoping he will be useful for T2. Not a bad character, just not useful compared to all the OP in physical wind.

Palom is my mages of mages, and I am happy I got him. Also a favorite. Thunder was weak. Orlandeau replaced Pecil on the A-team, and I'm wondering if Palom will replace Terra, despite her access to Summon 6*.

I hope this gives you some perspective @NinoNii :), though I'm considered the stingiest of stingy with motes.

CSBs I have:

Shantotto CSB
Garnet CSB
Snow CSB
Laguna CSB
Gilgamesh CSB
Ramza CSB
Tidus CSB
Golbez CSB
Zack CSB

I think the most helpful ones are Garnet, Tidus and Golbez for me. Zack is an obvious for anyone with Cloud. I just got Gilgamesh so no time to test it. My ice is rather weak so need to improve it to utilize Laguna.
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User Info: khain37

4 months ago#6
I was stingy but got plenty of motes to use now...so being a bit more free with them

Total LD: 13 (Orlandeau, Marche, Cid Raines, Lightning, Squall, Yuffie, Shelke, Alphinaud, Terra, Shantotto, Prompto, Tifa, Tidus)

Most regretted: None really...

Most powerful DPS-wise: Orlandeau

Most Used: Shelke - entrust bot in basically all magicites so far.

Least Used: Shantotto

Most Recent: Prompto...got his CSB/LMR from fest

Next Planned: Probably going to be relic dependent but I have a few potentials:

-Bartz maybe? Dual cast LM2 and I have his BSBs (all but water) and OSB/AOSB. Might take his LMR/USB1 from next select draws.
-Desch for DC LM2 (Have USB/BSB)
-Cloud - Have his USB, could select BSB2 from AA still for wind teams.
-Barbaricca - Have USB, for DC wind LM2.
-Celes (have USB/BSBs) - for boost in SB gain
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User Info: Neo Zekele

Neo Zekele
4 months ago#7
Oh, I'll play!

Total dives: 44 full dives, with 16 half dives

Most regretted: Cloud. Dualcast combat can go f*** itself.

Most dps: Probably Bartz.

Most used: Shelke. Easily.

Least used: Lulu. She seemed so good at the time :/

Most recent: Ysayle. Just snagged her USB not too long ago

Next planned: Ooooooh boy. Here we go.

Paine (USB, if I need it for D???)
Wakka (see Paine)
Papalymo (if the event is kind to me)
Arc (USB)
Desch (USB)
Guy (see Paine)

And more I'm forgetting I'm sure
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

4 months ago#8
JP will be swimming in 5* motes soon so there is no need to hold back on LDs anymore.

All characters who make it in my Magicite/Torment teams are getting fully dived.

User Info: ChillGamer

4 months ago#9
Most regretted: None, so far.

Most powerful DPS-wise: Tidus? Orlandeau? Bartz? Idk.

Most Used: Definitely Shelke. Or maybe Bartz. Ramza too.

Least Used: Seymour probably. If I get his USB or dc LMR this'll change though.

Most Recent: Noctis, just for XV. Not feeling proud of this one :P

Next Planned: Hopping for Palom or Vivi if I get their Op relics.

Waifu/Husbando LD: Zell, Rinoa, Emperor, Seymour.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 months ago#10
Physical: Tidus, Cloud, Riku, Squall, Orlandu, Bartz
Magical: Palom, Alphinaud
Support: Zack, Shelke

I should really dive more mages. I have over 1100 wisdom and spirit motes. 685 dex, 873 brave, and 964 vit.
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