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User Info: Sporadicles

3 months ago#141
I - Garland LMR2
II -
III - Refia USB (dupe), Ingus USB (dupe)
IV - P Cecil BSB1 (dupe), Barbariccia USB
V - Faris USB1, Lenna LMR, Galuf DC LMR
VI - Terra OSB, Locke AOSB
VIII - Raijin LMR
IX -
X - Rikku BSB2, Paine BSB, Jecht USB2
XI -
XII - Reks BSB, Vaan OSB (dupe)
XV - Iris LMR (dupe), Ignis LMR
T - Marche USB, Montblanc BSB
TO -

After struggling with Phoenix I decided to pull on the water realm. 3 new items but none will help against the murder bird. Objectively not a bad pull but subjectively I really wish I was treated to a chain.. anyway, mustn't grumble..

User Info: Wagwood

3 months ago#142
Did most of these the day they came out but I haven't been able to post them since I am in the middle of residency interview season. I just finished 4/11 so I still have a lot to go.

I: Garland ASB (awesome but I don't have anything else for him but still an amazing pick-up) and Meia OSB (nothing else for her so meh)
II: Josef USB/BSB (a nice boostga/last stand for the realm), Firion LMR1?, Ricard LMR
III: Aria LMR, Ingus LMR (dupe), Luneth BSB (Have USB and LMR so not bad)
IV: Edge LMR (dupe), Golbez LMR (dupe), Porom LMR,
V: Bartz ASB (Soooooooooooooo happy with this), Lenna BSB1,
VI: Terra LMR, Edgar USB (How good is this without his LMR?), Celes ASB (Nothing else for her but +ice sword is nice)
VII: Cloud USB1 dupe, Zack USB (very happy with this), Red LMR2, Sephiroth LMR dupe
VIII: Fujinn BSB (dupe), Edea BSB (dupe), Seifer USB2 (if only I had his chain...), Seifer LMR (dupe)
IX: Zidane USB2 (dupe)
X: Tidus LMR (dupe) and Auron LMR1
XI: Didn't pull
XII: Ashe glint
XIII:Sazh BSB, Nabaat BSB (dupe),
XIV: Didn't pull
XV: Noctis BSB
FFT: Alma LMR (dupe), Mustadio BSB
T0: King LMR (4th dupe)

Was really hoping for a fire chain but it was a long shot. I was also hoping for some earth magic but didn't get anything along those lines either. I still say this was a success for 225. Bartz ASB will help carry me through a lot of 5* magicite, I just need to get some Earth magic...

Sorry about tagging you guys so long after this came out but I want to know if the were good to you? @shadestreet @Rman0099
(message deleted)

User Info: DDCecil

3 months ago#144
FFXIV: 3/11 - Haurchefant USB, Ysayle LMR dupe, Alphinaud BSB dupe

FFII: 3/11 - Firion USB, Emperor USB, Maria GSB
FFIII: 3/11 - Onion Knight USB3!, OK LMR!, CoD OSB
FFIV: 1/11 - Yang LMR
FFV: 3/11 - Faris LMR, Galuf LMR, Krile OSB
FFVI: 3/11 - Celes LMR dupe, Terra USB dupe, and Terra Arcane
FFVII: 3/11 - Yuffie Arcane dupe, Rufus LMR, Sephiroth Glint
FFVIII: 2/11 - Rinoa Ice USB, Ultimecia OSB dupe
FFIX: 1/11 - Garnet LMR
FF10: 2/11 - Auron BSB1 dupe, Rikku LMR
FFXII: 1/11 - Fran LMR dupe
FFXIII: 2/11 - Fang USB and Cid USB!
FFXV: 1/11 - Gladious LMR
FFT: 2/11 - Ovelia USB dupe, Montblanc USB
FFT0: 3/11 - Machina BSB, Ace BSB, Cinque LMR

Still need to do: 1 and 11
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User Info: Rman0099

3 months ago#145
@Wagwood posted...

How did you guys do? @shadestreet @Rman0099

You made me do some serious digging. LOL

Copy paste....
XII - Gabranth USB, Vaan USB2, Basch BSB
f***ing KILLED IT SON!!! Worth 15 mithril!

III - CoD endark LMR
meh, oh

II - Maria ASB
ASB to go with USB from fest? Hell yeah!!!

Garland USB (goes with ASB, BSB2, OSB, en LMR)
Wakka USB (imperil+debuff)
Freya USB
Hoochiefartzer LMR
Auphmau LMR
Ysale BSB
Yuffie LMR
Quistis LMR (DC BLM)
Braska BSB (dupe but fire boost and combined)

Then this...
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User Info: Wagwood

3 months ago#146

Yeah, I wanted to post this earlier but I did them when I was on vacation in Orlando and then the day after I got back my interview trail started. I am busy and not busy at the same time since I took these last two months off from school. It is a weird position to be in. This whole residency match thing is bonkers and super weird when you think about the process. I could post some stuff about in the off-topic topic. Either way, I don't finish until mid December with Rush and UIC but I just want to be done now haha.

You got a lot of nice stuff. Quite jealous of the Wakka USB, Garland USB, and Maria ASB. But holy hell that FFVI was amazing! Probably one of the best pulls I have seen!

User Info: Rman0099

3 months ago#147
@Wagwood posted...
I could post some stuff about in the off-topic topic

OMG, please do stop by the bar and talk about it!! I remember the "match" crap some of my wife's friends went through after graduating vet school. She just wanted general practice and not specialization so she didn't have to deal with it. Glad because some of those women were STRESSED!

Oh, also got Iris USB in XV....so that was a thing too. LOL

Yes, VI was crazy. It helped bring add a BUNCH of stuff to chars to complete them.

Maria now has ASB, USB, BSB, LMR.
Garland now has ASB, USB, BSB2, LMR trance
Strago now has CSB, OSB, BSB and will probably select his LMR
Auphmau got that DC LMR to go with USB, BSB

Pieces added got me sub 30s in T2s and 50%'s in D???.
Space for rent........
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User Info: Icedragonadam

3 months ago#148
Considering I did the Physical and not bothering with the Magical & Healing draws, I did the II draw.


Leon LMR

It's a dualcast LMR I don't have so it's decent.
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User Info: Ktc

3 months ago#149
Did a rage pull earlier today after s***ty 33


Kefka USB
Relm LMR
Locke en-fire BSB

A sense of balance was achieved.

User Info: Azmar69

3 months ago#150
Cloud AOSB

Prompto CSB
Iris LMR x 2

Ovelia BSSB2

Pretty happy
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