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User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#91
Shadow Stalker X posted...
Finally got up the courage to make another attempt at this, since I dived Maria, and it was a long and brutal battle, with a number of attempts, but I finally at least managed to clear the battle, but no mastery. Managed to clear it with a time of about 49 seconds. I know I should farm the battle, but the circumstances around how I managed to get as far as I don't remember, considering my brain was a bit scrambled from all of the attempts. Only thing that can be somewhat consistent is that as long as Maria's MAG is alright, she can cap damage with her AOSB as long as Galuf's Chain is active.

Oh, and thanks @sarothias for the setup, since that's what I used to clear it.

Woot congrats on the clear! :D
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User Info: Phagey

3 months ago#92
I'm very close to beating this. Surprisingly close. It irked me that I couldn't get that last bit.

Maria: R4 Chain Stoneja + R5 Chain Stonega, USB+BSB+AOSB, earth damage
Eiko: Curada, Protectga, USB, Mako (gotta have this or get an early wipe)
Shelke with R5 Wrath and R4 Entrust... and on my furthest run, actually ran out of Entrusts
OK: Wrath, R4 Meltdown, mUSB + USB3, DMT
Rinoa: R3 Chain Stonega, R4 Titan, +weakness damage, SSB + OSB
Main Magicite: Earth Guardian
Others: Evrae, Catastrophe, Gizamaluke, Midgardsormr.
All fully dived except Rinoa.

Basically died after I took him below 5% at around 67 seconds. I tried not to break rage but Rinoa was not doing much damage without OSB hits.

Pondering bringing Alph for SSB but couldn't figure out who to drop. Plus I couldn't fit another Mako to reap the benefits of early Radiant Shield. Another option is Emperor. He has USB and BSB for both Imperil and en- earth.

I have no earth chain.
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: raoxi

3 months ago#93
@Phagey bring emperor. do u have a more defensive healer? acm?

User Info: Sporadicles

3 months ago#94
@Phagey. Maria's earth boosts from her dive affect the damage bonus from the earth damage RM negatively - I can't remember the maths, but it's true. Give her Scholar's Boon and Rinoa the Earth Damage.

Do you have much ice stuff for Rinoa? Her dive will help, especially if you are very close to a victory, but if she lacks other strong relics I'd think hard before diving her. Also note her dive favours black magic over summons.

Or try swapping her for Alphinaud, who I'd suggest as a stronger dive option. Radiant shield is still a valid strategy. I'd argue he is the best character at doing this, as he buffs, can dualcast and also do the white magic thing. Just be aware that he needs the summon hones if performing a damaging role.

User Info: ffrkowaway

3 months ago#95
@Phagey Any reason you didn't use Edge?

Also, Shelke can often make things tougher in 5*, because especially with no CSB, you need a ton of DPS hones.

User Info: Phagey

3 months ago#96
This is the problem with tackling 5* Magicite and the reason why I didn't try to do it sooner. My healing options are lacking. Other than Eiko I have Ovelia, Selphie, Yuna and Larsa. Eiko is clearly better than any of the others for this one.

Rinoa pretty much only had the relics I listed. This is why I'm very reluctant to dive her. Alph was fully dived. But he only has that R4 Titan to work with, unless I bring in NE summons. I might try the next iteration with Emperor but he can't equip Titan, just Chain Stonega.

I can use Edge but I don't see how that would help since I need more DPS and he's not providing extra for this fight. And Shelke was basically feeding Eiko to keep everyone alive so beyond feeding the first bar to Maria, she was essentially a second healer.

User Info: Tptranger

3 months ago#97

Edge can allow a healer-less run, as BK tends to alternate between physical and magical damage. My run lasts until about 32s, and 3 Edge USB0 keeps the whole team alive.

An imperil will definitely help, with no chain. My BSB Maria only hits for like 6k when chain is down, imperil will stack that damage quickly.

Alph could work, and I use him to spam Titan in my run. I don't recommend trying healer less with radiant, as that will be counter productive.
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User Info: Phagey

3 months ago#98
I was feeling depressed this evening from my VII draw dupe and personal reasons, so I figured I'd give this a try.

I got it done. 57 seconds even. It's only expert, though, since I lost two medals for damage and one for action.

I kept it simple, since I got very close with my previous setup. I simply replaced Rinoa with Emperor (gave him Chain Stonega and Stoneja, and Battleforged RM to get those USB going) and put the Attunement RM on Maria. I replaced nothing else in my setup.

Emperor didn't deal significant damage by himself. Even with BSB en-earth his damage was still pathetic. Must be his low Mag stat. For the next run I'm considering switching the earth boost gear to OK instead. But his USB imperil ensures Maria caps all her spells and more importantly, her AOSB. This truly is a team built entirely around Maria.

Feels good to get that win, at least. I'm nowhere as well appointed for physical earth and will not attempt Quetz anytime soon.
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: raoxi

3 months ago#99
@Phagey grats man

User Info: Phagey

3 months ago#100
@raoxi thanks!

I did a second run and managed to shave a full 10 seconds and got the mastery, pretty much by boosting OK damage and replacing Battleforged with +earth. Two USB casts were enough.

Final lineup:
Maria: R4 Chain Stoneja, R5 Chain Stonega, Scholars Boon, USB+AOSB (double earth boost)
Shelke: Entrustbot, Ace
Eiko: Curada, Protectga, USB, Mako
OK: Wrath, R4 Meltdown, LMR, mUSB+USB3, DMT (double earth boost)
Emperor: R3 Chain Stonega, R5 Stoneja, USB, +earth
RW Guardian, Main: Earth Guardian
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