5 months ago #8
    i still cant clear this guy, but was looking for some more input,
    just drew Emperor's USB that lowers atk/mag and chases earth attacks
    in my previous attempt so im wondering if anyone has a better suggestion

    4* Tyro [USB3+LMR] wrath entrust DMT
    FD Elarra [USB/BSB+LMR] ACM r3/mage's hymn TGM rm
    4* Galuf [CSB +bsb] Ironfist gaia rush MM rm
    4* Maria [OSB+BSB+LMR] Chain stonega r4, weakness rm
    FD Vivi [USB] meltdownR3 /chain stoneja r5 earth30% rm
    RW heal
    was using Shell dragon as main magicite, but am open to any other suggestions or ideas.
    I also have Rinoa with Glint and AOSB+OSB. is galuf chain worth using or am i better off throwing in another healer/dps?