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    As though there'll be any shortage of people needing help with this, so may as well get the ball rolling.

    Previous: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/77001058

    Currently running a setup of Onion Knight (mUSB) / Eiko (USB) / Palom (USB) / Maria (BSB + OSB) / Ingus (CSB + BSB2), everyone's dived, yadda yadda. Best I've pulled off is 49 seconds and even then that demanded some stupendous dualcast luck. Tried experimenting with Garnet CSB over Onion Knight purely for the MAG +50% and her Allegro con Moto, but somehow it doesn't work out.

    Still trying to be quote-unquote thrifty with crafting new chainspells so it's really just Meltdown + Chain Stoneja and one Chain Stonega. I wonder if actually splurging and throwing an extra chainspell onto Onion Knight will do it, if anyone has any opinions on that.
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