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User Info: Zenithian Legend

Zenithian Legend
3 months ago#31
Could have at least put Locke's USB2 here.
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User Info: unknown081

3 months ago#32
On one hand. No dupes.
On other hand. I'm not sure how to work these
Like aside from Locke with chain and LMR, everyone else is pretty much blank slate and not sure just getting one of these would be game changing or anything
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User Info: Axel7174

3 months ago#33
I feel like Vincent USB is powercrept at this point. I've had it forever but never use it. Terra/Vivi always seem like better options.
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User Info: xharvestx

3 months ago#34
If anything ppl should look at the next vi event for fire.

User Info: DrChia

3 months ago#35
Banner is bad and should feel bad for being so bad.
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User Info: Godric1696

3 months ago#36
No appeal with this banner.
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User Info: Gmagn

3 months ago#37
Id rather pull on the next VI banner for my fire physical fix :)
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User Info: MajorMahalo1

3 months ago#38
Skip. Stupid phone glitched and I accidentally tapped the "over 100 mythril"... like anyone is doing that here, lol.
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User Info: SaintTweeter

3 months ago#39
This banner reminded me Amarant exists. What an utterly forgettable character...
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User Info: MrFirestar

3 months ago#40
Five dupes (Vincent USB/BSB/LMR, Locke BSB2, Sabin LMR.) Probably three pulls here; I'd like a more decked out Sabin and Zell, plus Amarant can be useful. I like fire monks apparently.
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