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User Info: Okamiden3

5 months ago#41
Ok that Realm USB looks amazing.
--- <cite>empireoffire posted...</cite>
Ice Climber has a fanbase?

User Info: SolitaireD

5 months ago#42
D220 Yeti (MO)
- Fully weak to Fire/Bio, absorbs Ice
- Vulnerable to Slow/Stun

- ST ranged physical, NAT
- ST maxHP damage + % Stop, NAT, ignores KO resist
- ST curHP damage, NAT, ignores KO resist
- AOE Ice magic, NAT
- Self ATK buff
- Self Haste, Protect, Shell & Regen
- AOE Ice magic + % Stop, NAT <- Weak
3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: KnightLordST

5 months ago#43
Rman0099 posted...
superchibideath posted...
SolitaireD posted...
Banner 1:
Cyan's Yakkei [UOSB, +10 ATK] - 3 single-target Fire Overflow physical attacks
Cyan's Spider's Kiss [USSB, +10 ATK] - 10 single-target Fire/NE physical attacks, En-Fire, ATK & DEF +30% and Samurai Ability Double to user

Does... this mean that Cyan is finally usable?

The problem lies in the abilities. When will samurai abilities stop sucking?

They don't suck, they're just niche
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