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User Info: Garetjax333

1 month ago#241
sarothias posted...
@Garetjax333 Here is a copy paste of my sub 30 back when this released. No Shellga and no Protectga. You don't need either for this boss really /shrug

Vivi: R4 Chain Thundaja / R3 Chain Thundaga - LMR / LM2 - USB - Flaming Stand RW (clutch in P3 worst case) - 20% Lightning Boost
Garnet: R4 Vali / R2 ACM - CSB - LMR1 / LMR2 - Dr. Mog
Shantotto: R3 Chain Thundaga / R3 Hell Thunder - AOSB - LMR/LM2 - Gathering Storm - 40% Lightning Boost
Elarra: R4 Curada / R3 Hastega - LMR / LM2 - Mako Might
Ashe: R5 Voltech / R3 Chain Thundaga - LM1 / LM2 - GSB / AOSB - Scholars Boon - 40% Lightning Boost

All with moderate water resist except Elarra with major

Main Magicite:
Quetz (+12 and + 10 Empower Lightning)

Sub Magicite:
Ixion (+10 Dampen Water)
Garuda (+10 Empower Lightning)
Evrae (+8 Fast Act)
Seraph (+8 Dampen Dark)

Thanks. I’ll ditch pro/shell then for something else. Really tough without OSB. Quetz does the job, but only under Chain. I just wasn’t doing enough damage half the time. Got down to about 25% health though.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

4 weeks ago#242

User Info: KnightLordST

4 weeks ago#243
Hey @fedex_corp my home-dawg, here is yo video

RMs are:
Shantotto - Ace Striker
Elarra - Dr Mogs
OK - Raw Power
Ashe - Gathering Storm
Garnet - Mako Might
sarothias posted...
You need to cast Astra between T2 and T3. If used before T2 you block Sap but will get stoned.

Ya... that just screwed me on my first attempt. Got him down real far though, so I'm optimistic this bozo will fall. Ashe, fully dived with her USB, really does a number on him.
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Well, I couldn't get under 40, but both water magicites are down and 4 copies farmed.
FFRK ID: 24F2 - Shadow BSB for dailies

User Info: ffrkowaway

2 weeks ago#246

User Info: Rafael1990

2 weeks ago#247
Still can’t clear... I don’t have a lightning magic OSB so have no way of breaking savage.

I tried repeating my Phoenix strat which gives me sub 30 even without an OSB
Paine - USB
Tyro - Battery
OK - pUSB and battery
Relm - USB

So I tried
Shant- CSB/USB
Tyro - Battery
Sazh - USB and battery
Relm - USB
But my damage output is waaaay lower than for Phoenix. Not sure if it’s because I only have a single 30% mag from Sazh? Under trance and USB and max chain Shant still only does 3500 damage per hit on 5* witch. I don’t understand why people rate her so much?

Any suggestions?

User Info: Holy Stone

Holy Stone
2 weeks ago#248
After trying Geo and then looking through the topic, I'm gathering this is basically impossible and/or not worth my time trying to beat this if I don't have a lightning CSB or any magical lightning OSB/AOSB?

Even at 6 stacks of imperil Quetz wasn't able to break Savage on any follow-up attacks so my damage output wasn't great. Managed to get all the way to Phase 3 but I died/gave up since he still had 35%+ health and 3 members were petrified. It's not a big deal that I can't beat it since I've already taken down Phoenix multiple times.
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User Info: Smealiko

2 weeks ago#249
@Rafael1990 Go farm Quetzacolt and try again. Quez will get rid of savage mode.

@Holy_Stone Yea, this is something that really pissed me off about Quetz, to break his savage mode I needed a chain+imperil lv2. I had to rely on Quez since I don't have a single mage lightning OSB.

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#250
Damn we must bump this

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