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User Info: Renn_Inoue

3 months ago#211
I beat this jerk 4 times in a row, and now I’m having issues because I’m whittling him down too fast, and he Sucker Stone Punchu’s me at 23 seconds. Don’t have a second Astra ready at that point. Grr, thought I had this down.
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User Info: OutsiderX

3 months ago#212
I hate stone punch. This would be a straightforward fight and likely sub 30 if it wasn't for that move.

Any suggestions for a clear?

Chain (5* dived):
Kain with CSB and USB1.

Dps (all 5* dived):
Palom with USB.
Ashe with USB and glint.
Shantatto with USB, BSB and both LMRs.
Vivi with USB.

Imperils (4* dived)
Garnet with both BSBs and SSB heal.

OK with mUSB, BSB, LMR and OSB. 5* dived.
Sazh with USB and BSB. 4* dived.

Elarra with USB. 5* dived.
Larsa with BSB. 4* dived.
Relm with USB.
Rosa with USB.

No 2.0 chain and the wrong gen 1 chain. Kain just doesn't contribute enough.

No AOSB to power through the petrify either which ends me.

No physical blink to avoid the punch. Thanks again to dena for not giving us the SSB selection draws.
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After a number of attempts, and a number of tweaks here and there, I finally managed to kill Geos.

This required a bit of micromanagement, making sure I did everything at just the right moment. At the moment, aside from maybe getting Shantotto's AOSB, don't see any way to really improve on my time, but since I have something that works, I can start farming him.
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User Info: Azmar69

3 months ago#214
After 16 copies of Quetz and leveling them, I tried my hand here bc I don't have good phys lit. Read the thread and tried once, then subbed out OK for Vivi and got him in 35 sec on the next try, granted I had a lot of the tools and could replicate some builds in this thread. But this is nice, Questz took me 3 days of tinkering. He hit hard and I had a sliver of health quite a few times so I'm glad I went through the levelling and inheriting. Used my AOSB right before phase 3 but before the stone punch and after the poison Vivi got off 9999 x 4 x 3 before petrifying, Ashe double cast Chain Thundaja twice and Shantotto triple casted Sudden Thunder then got off a USB for the win

LD Shantotto /// Hell Thunder r4, Sudden Thunder r5 /// LMR /// USB /// much more lit dam rm
LD Vivi /// Vortex r4, Chain Thundaga r4 /// USB /// Scholar's Boon rm
Garnet /// ACM r2, Protectga r2 /// CSB /// Mako Might
LD Elarra /// Curada r5, Hastega r2 /// LMR /// USB /// DrMT rm
LD Ashe /// Chain Thundaja r4, Chain Thundaga r4 /// AOSB /// Attunement II rm

Main: Quetz, inh lvl 15 empower lightning, inh lvl 15 magic boon

Quetz, inh lvl 15 empower lightning, inh lvl 15 magic boon
Quetz, inh lvl 10 fast act, inh lvl 10 dampen water
Seraph, inh lvl 5 health boon, lvl 6 dampen dark
Seraph, inh lvl 5 health boon

User Info: Azmar69

3 months ago#215
Down to 23.07.

User Info: SevenSeas

3 months ago#216
Down to 28.23s from 36s
This is my second sub 30s 5* magicites

Vivi usb: r4 voltech + r5 cga (witch cackle)
Penelo usb: r3 curada + r3 jitterbug (MM)
Shantoto csb + aosb + lmr2: r4 HT + r5 ST (ace)
Ashe usb + osb: r3 vali + r4 cja (bolt from above)
Tyro usb3 + lmr: r3 acm + r3 mage song (DMT)

Rw: raider
Quetz (thunder + mag), garuda (fast act), famfrit (spellward), evrae (hp boon), seraph (dark resist)
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User Info: emidas

3 months ago#217
So I'm planning on this team of four:

Palom USB
Garnet CSB+BSB
Elarra USB
Ashe USB

Who should be my 5th? OK mUSB or Desch USB?
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 months ago#218
OK with entrust

User Info: emidas

3 months ago#219
28.13 first clear

Palom R4 CTJa/R4 CTga, USB, LM1+LM2, Bolt From Above
Elarra R3 Curada/R2 ACM, USB, LM2+LMR, MM
Garnet R3 Vali/R2 Shellga, CSB, LMR2+LMR1, DMT
OK R3 CTga/R2 Hastega, mUSB, LM2+LMR, Scholar's Boon
Ashe R3 Voltech/R3 CTga, USB, LM1+LM2, TGM

RW: Wall
Deck: Quetz(+10 water dampen, +15 DEF), Krysta, Seraph(+7 dark dampen), Garuda(+2 emp LIT), Evrae

As you can see, my deck is pretty trash. No full stacked Behemoth to give me all my empowers. Krysta literally for a blade ward (I have zero spell wards, RIP me).

Started by getting Hastega/ACM/CSB up. Garnet Shellgas on Turn 2. Elarra starts out ACM>Curada>USB. OK is responsible for IC Hastega, then IC Wall.

Spots where timing/planning was key:
1) Phase 2 transition, having a Curada queued up for Ashe in Spot #5. Since I don't Elarra USB during Phase 2, need to top her off immediately.
2) Garnet casts Quetz right at 10 seconds
3) OK casts mUSB as soon as he is able
4) Getting close to P3, I hold Elarra with a gauge. Once the aoe+poison goes out, she USBs.
5) OK casts Wall as soon as we transition to P3. Not sure if this is necessary, but rather safe than sorry.
i9-9900k | Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi | RTX 2800 | 970 EVO 1TB | 16GB DDR4 Vengance LPX

User Info: kaosu

3 months ago#220
Got him under 60

Ashe LD usb, osb - bolt from above
R3 vortex, r3 ch thundaga
20% boost

Edge LD ssb - mako might
R2 SiT, r5 swift bolt
20% boost

Elarra LD - usb - battleforged
R4 curada, r2 shellga

Garnet - lmr - chain, bsb - dr mog
R2 ACM, r2 protecga
20% boost

Palom - LD, usb, bsb - tgm
R3 ch thundaja, r4 ch thundaga
40% boost

Rw - wall
Quetz - deadly strikes 8, dampen water 10
BK - Emp Lighting 15 15
Garuda - emp lightning 15
Gizmaluke bw5

I can probably do faster but the only micromanagement is making sure Elarra and Edge have 2 bars for phase 3.
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