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User Info: SolitaireD

5 months ago#1
5☆ Water Magicite Dungeon: Geosgaeno Record

5☆ Geosgaeno (X): L15 Empower Water & L8 Blade Ward (US: ST Water Overflow ranged physical attack, Water Boost to party)

Bonus Rewards:
Within 30s: 250000 Gil, 3 x 5☆ Arcana
Within 1min: 12 x 4☆ Arcana
Within 1.5min: 45 x 3☆ Arcana
Within 2min: 20 x 2☆ Arcana

Clear: 300000 Gil, 1 x 5☆ Arcana, 1 x 5☆ Geosgaeno (X)
Mastery: 20 x White Crystal, 20 x Earth Crystal, 15 x 5☆ Arcana
Completion: 20 x Holy Crystal, 1 x Mythril

Medal Condition: Use a Lightning attack on Geosgaeno

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

5 months ago#2
D450 Geosgaeno: 1,500,000 HP
Phase 1: 1800 ATK / 50000 DEF / 1800 MAG / 66500 RES / 150 MND / 650 SPD
Phase 2: 1900 ATK / 50000 DEF / 1900 MAG / 66500 RES / 150 MND / 650 SPD
Phase 3: 2000 ATK / 50000 DEF / 2000 MAG / 66500 RES / 150 MND / 650 SPD
Enraged: 2500 ATK / 50000 DEF / 2500 MAG / 66500 RES / 150 MND / 650 SPD

- 70% resistant to all stat breaks
- Immune to all status ailments
- 20% weak to Lightning, absorbs Water, nulls everything else
- Enters Phase 2 at Turn 10 or below 81% HP
- Enters Phase 3 at Turn 20 or below 41% HP
- Enrages at Turn 30
- All attacks except Devour Spirit have 1.76s CT
- Devour Spirit has 0.01s CT
- All physical damage is reduced to 1/3 for this fight
- Enters Savage Mode after Turn 5, and every 2nd turn outside of it
- During Savage, Geosgaeno receives 37.5% less damage
- Deal at least 10000 damage in a single hit to remove Savage Mode


Geosgaeno's Moveset

NulShock: Self Lightning Resistance +20% for 25 seconds, NAT
Devour Spirit: AOE De-Ether 1 to both abilities, NAT

Punch: 347% AOE physical, PHY

Watera: 486% AOE Water magic, BLK
Waterga: 534% AOE Water magic, BLK
Aqua Breath: 534% AOE Water piercing magic, NAT
Chain Watera: 2x 438% AOE Water magic, BLK

Regurgitate: AOE 50% curHP damage, NAT, ignores KO resist

Savage Siphon Vitality: Smart-Targeting 730% Dark piercing magic + 100% HP Drain + Stun, NAT

Savage Regurgitate: 392% AOE Water piercing ranged physical + Poison, NAT, ignores PBlink

Savage Stone Punch: Smart-Targeting 347% physical + Petrify, NAT

Unless mentioned otherwise, all status affliction moves in this fight is avoidable through Astra only.
Same goes for piercing attacks, all of them are using ^0.5 formula.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

5 months ago#3
Phase 1:

T1: No Action
T2: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 1)
T3: Regurgitate
T4: Punch
T5: Aqua Breath
T6: Watera
T7: Punch
T8: Watera
T9: Punch
T10: Waterga

Phase 2:

T1: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 5)
T2: Savage Regurgitate
T3: NulShock
T4: Chain Watera
T5: Aqua Breath
T6: Waterga
T7: Chain Watera
T8: Aqua Breath
T9: Waterga
T10: Punch
T11: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 1)
T12: Savage Regurgitate
T13: Punch
T14: Chain Watera
T15: Aqua Breath
T16: Waterga
T17: Chain Watera
T18: Aqua Breath
T19: Waterga
T20: Punch

Phase 3:

T1: Devour Spirit
T2: Savage Regurgitate
T3: Savage Stone Punch (Member 2, 3, 4)
T4: Waterga
T5: Aqua Breath
T6: Punch
T7: Chain Watera
T8: Waterga
T9: Aqua Breath
T10: Punch
T11: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 5)
T12: Savage Regurgitate
T13: Punch
T14: Waterga
T15: Aqua Breath
T16: Punch
T17: Chain Watera
T18: Waterga
T19: Aqua Breath
T20: Punch
T21: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 1)
T22: Savage Regurgitate
T23: Punch
T24: Waterga
T25: Aqua Breath
T26: Punch
T27: Chain Watera
T28: Waterga
T29: Aqua Breath
T30: Punch


T1 + 3n: Savage Siphon Vitality (Member 5>1>4>2>3>5>... ; Becomes random after T97)
T2 + 3n: Savage Regurgitate
T3 + 3n: Savage Stone Punch (Member 1/2/3 > 3/4/5 > 1/2/3 > ... ; Becomes random 3-slot after T99)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

5 months ago#4

Definitely the stronger of the two, and the mechanics are quite similar to Quetzalcoatl.

Turn 1 Savage Siphon Vitality is made for Shantotto's Trance.
Adjust your Health Boon passives for her to survive it.

This is your usual "burst fast enough and you won't see anything harmful" fight.
NulShock is only used once, same for Savage Stone Punch if you don't go past 32 turns.

Petrify is the only threatening move here, which you can avoid with Astra or Physical Blink. For the former, note that AOE Poison is used first so you have to time Astra.

This fight will demonstrate to you the extent of your native main 5* Magicite.
Do you need a Chain/Imperil for Quetzalcoatl's regular attack to break damage cap?
Can it still not break even with Chain? How high must the counter be?

Be prepared to face this dilemma in later fights.
(DeNA telling you to pull for Gen 2 Chain)
3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

5 months ago#5
I’ve been waiting...

Edit: Gilgamesh stamp
FF fan since NES
FFRK Gtja Elena bsb
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: ZeroQ8

5 months ago#6
Finally i can close my topic now

User Info: ffrkowaway

5 months ago#7
25.93s on Geosgaeno, full medals, middle three were Petrified just before I won

LD Shantotto / CSB + AOSB + LMR2 / R4 Hell Thunder + R3 Memento Mori / +30% dmg RM / double lightning boost / moderate water resist
LD Desch / BSB + SSB / R4 Chain Thundaga + R4 Spellbend Etude / +30% dmg / single lightning boost / moderate water resist
PD Elarra / USB + LMR / R5 Valigarmanda + R2 Allegro con Moto / Mako Might / moderate water resist
LD Onion Knight / mUSB + BSB + LMR / R4 Voltech + R4 Entrust / DMT / moderate water resist
LD Ashe / USB + OSB + LMR / R5 Chain Thundaja + R4 Faith / +30% dmg / single lightning boost / moderate water + dark resist
Fabula Guardian as RW
Quetzalcoatl (+L15 EmpLit x2) as main magicite; Garuda (+L15 EmpLit), Evrae (+L15 MAG Boon), Seraph (+L15 DampDark), Necrophobe (+L15 RES Boon) as subs

So much quickcasting. Damage was pretty good, too. Shantotto was eventually able to cap Hell Thunder and her AOSB, OK could get to around 9K/hit, Ashe's chase was up to 6.5K/hit and her OSB capped through Savage.

The frequency of Savage mode is definitely annoying though. Imperil and/or chain seems to be needed for Quetz's follow-up pop-in attacks to break 10K and break Savage.

Turn order went something like this:
Shantotto: Memento Mori (casts just before she takes the Slot 1 damage and has her Trance activate) -> Hell Thunder x2-> CSB -> Hell Thunder until LMR en-lightning is a turn away from running out -> AOSB -> Hell Thunder
Desch: Spellbend Etude -> Chain Thundagas, BSB when ready, SSB if gauge later
Elarra: AcM -> Vali x1 -> USB (after Geos Punches) -> Quetz -> AcM -> USB -> whatever's needed
Onion Knight: BSB -> Fabula Guardian -> Voltech -> Entrust Shantotto -> Voltechs until 2 bars -> mUSB -> Voltechs
Ashe: Faith to self -> Chain Thundaja x2 or 3 -> USB -> Chain Thundajas, using OSB once to break Savage near the end and make sure Shantotto AOSB caps

Ashe and Elarra were max watered for survival (HP, RES, and DEF).

User Info: raoxi

5 months ago#8
i think more people are prepared for Geo than Famfrit, with all the recent op lightning mage banners

User Info: PlatinumArrow

5 months ago#9

From the other thread: why prep for Stone Punch when you can just sack them all and go for broke at the last stretch? I tried a lot of strats but it turns out I don't actually have a lot of leeway to beat this boss if I'm not using any Arcanes, it really is proc dualcasts or die. Actually an exciting fight, if not clutch as all hell.

Ashe USB / R4 Chain Thundaja + Valigarmanda
Garnet CSB / R3 Allegro con Moto + Shellga
Shantotto USB / R3 Hell Thunder + Sudden Thunder
Eiko USB / Curada + Protectga
Palom USB / R4 Voltech + Chain Thundaga
"The secret of being a bore is to tell everything." -- Voltaire
FFRK FC: QJLH | Currently: Custom Starshell (Prompto CSB)

User Info: sarothias

5 months ago#10
Thanks for the post @SolitaireD

Question for you though. Compared to the Lightning magicite, this one does that Savage mode crap faaaar more frequently. Is this the norm going forward or do they tend to alternate?

Bringing over my clear info from the other thread:

sarothias posted...
Okies sub 30ed. First kill was 40.01. Changed my line up. Next time got 30.64 and then 28.68. That last kill would have been around 24ish seconds I'm guessing but I messed up and used Shantotto's AOSB while Rage was up. Dropped it to about 41k x 3.

Vivi: R4 Chain Thundaja / R3 Chain Thundaga - LMR / LM2 - USB - Flaming Stand RW (clutch in P3 worst case) - 20% Lightning Boost
Garnet: R4 Vali / R2 ACM - CSB - LMR1 / LMR2 - Dr. Mog
Shantotto: R3 Chain Thundaga / R3 Hell Thunder - AOSB - Gathering Storm - 40% Lightning Boost
Elarra: R4 Curada / R3 Hastega - LMR / LM2 - Mako Might
Ashe: R5 Voltech / R3 Chain Thundaga - LM1 / LM2 - GSB / AOSB - Scholars Boon - 40% Lightning Boost

All with moderate water resist except Elarra with major

Main Magicite:
Quetz (+12 and + 10 Empower Lightning)

Sub Magicite:
Ixion (+10 Dampen Water)
Garuda (+10 Empower Lightning)
Evrae (+8 Fast Act)
Seraph (+8 Dampen Dark)

Beginning turns:
Vivi gets hit and tranced (survives with maybe a couple hundred HPs or so), Chain Thundaga afterwards into USB
Garnet uses ACM on turn 1 and turn 2 CSB. Turn 3 summons magicite.
Elarra uses Hastega, then a Curada then USB
Shantotto RW Hell Thunder while under ACM if CSB up. Otherwise Chain Thundaga
Ashe Chain Thundaga and a Voltech then GSB

Glad to have both of these sub 30ed on day 1 :D

edit: felt weird no Protectga or Shellga lol
FFRK - Ramza's CSB Code: 9DXU
(edited 5 months ago)
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