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User Info: Wagwood

1 month ago#391
Got my third torment sub30! Used the team I proposed a while ago but I got magia on them and optimized my magicite. Thanks @ffrkowaway with the help!

I can post more details about my team if anyone wants. But quickly:

Edward USB (ACM and entrust)
Barb USB/LMR (meltdown and chain tornado)
Rosa USB1/LMR1/2 (protectga and holyja)
Palom USB (vortex and chain thundaja)

User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#392
Cheers!!! @Wagwood
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User Info: Wagwood

1 month ago#393
Thanks! @sarothias

Happy to have three done so far and I think I can easily get VIII/IX as well since I have their realm chains.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#394
@Wagwood Congrats! Always good to know I was able to help

User Info: Palaxius01

1 month ago#395
38.18 sec clear on D???

Magicite:Lakshmi+Phoenix,Madeen x2,Quetz

Cecil AOSB,Glint/4* dive/Scholar's boon
Protectga+Healing Smite

Lightning Dive+Cyclone Bolt

Raging Storm x2

Rosa USB1/LMR/Ace Striker

Barbariccia USB/LM2,LMR/TGM
Meltdown+Chain Tornado

Used Pecil as sacrifice for Incubus Darkness. He was able to use his glint and Aosb before dying.

Kain was on dps duty. He starts with BUSB, AASB, then finally AOSB.

Barbariccia opens with chain then dps.

Edge opens with SSB then spams raging storm, occasionally refreshing ssb after triggering last stand.

Rosa uses USB1 whenever mblink wears off.
After acquiring Edge's USB0 from the Record Lab, decided to revisit this battle and see what I could do with it. Still no clear, but I did manage to knock off 66% of his health, which is a significant improvement over the 20% or less health I got from the last time I attempted this battle.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

3 weeks ago#397
Bump for the twin AASBs that debuted with the double Cecil event?
Cleared my very first Torment D??? Sub 30 !!! :D
I have cleared other torment before (FF5, FF7, FF8, FF13, FF14 and FFT) but they're all around 35-45 seconds, and this is my very first sub 30 D??? torment clears, so im kinda excited XD AASB really plays a big part here.

Edward - USB - Wrath / Allegro (Mako Might)
Palom - USB - Voltech / Chain Thundaja
Edge - SSB (aka USB0) - Raging Storm (Mako Might)
Rosa - USB2 - Wrath Protectga
Rydia - AASB, LMR (enwater) - Lunar Leviathan

Start with Edge SSB at the very first turn, then Raging storm all the way. Keep timing Edge SSB to blink all the paralize move (all can be blinked using edge ssb).

Edward use USB then allegro/entrust to edge or rosa. Rosa protectga then wrath and USB2. Cast chain realm at around 12 seconds in, then have Rydia use her AASB (then spam Lunar Leviathan), and Palom USB (then spam chain thundaja) around the same time as Rydia. Also prays for triple cast :D

I think my only problem here is to blink the status effect move with Edge SSB. Once i've gotten past around that, it's smooth sailing.
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User Info: Ultimaphazon

2 weeks ago#399

Kain AASB from LotR and Impulse Dive ftw. I combo the AASB with his BUSB, so Kain does the following rotation:
AASB - BUSB - ID×2 - Brave command - BUSB - ID×2 - Brave Command (not that the boss lasted through the full cycle)
Everything is instant with no air time.

That means he needs 4 bars to get started, so I gave Edward MM and Entrust, so Kain has 4 bars in a timely manner.
If I gave Palom (USB) Ace Striker (he caps easily regardless), both dps have their SBs ready at the same time. I use the chain so it hits with those two, and then the lightning boys start murdering everything.

Edge SSB and Rosa SSB (with TGM because cast times suck) keep everyone alive.
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User Info: raoxi

2 weeks ago#400
@sarothias @mazurka

28s sub30ed with my new kain aasb+dc lmr n hes very underwhelmin. saved me LDing Palom with usb1 but im pretty sure palom with usb1+dc lm2 couldve been comparable hmm
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