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User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#1
My old topic ( ) is starting to get a little out of date, and while there are a few things that make me think the most recent datamined dates may not be accurate, I'll go ahead and update anyway.

First, here is a condensed view of all the upcoming things the last datamining gave us dates for, with the Octopath Traveler event added in:

Sept 11 - Boundless fights return
Sept 11 - Record Theatre Opens
Sept 12 - Octopath Traveler Collab
Sept 12 - Record Dungeon Update 4 (IV, IX)
Sept 12 - Torment - Gerogero (VIII)
Sept 13 - (VIII) The Words That Started It All
Sept 20 - (Bra-Bra) Melody Across Stars
Sept 22 - 5* Magicites Open
Sept 24 - Autumn Feast Begins
Sept 24 - Autumn Feast Relic Draws Open
Sept 25 - Crystal Tower - Darkstar
Sept 26 - Autumn Feast - Lighthouse Second Open
Sept 28 - Autumn Feast - Lighthouse Third Open
Sept 30 - Lighthouse Blasphemy Open
Oct 2 - Torment - Calcabrina (IV)
Oct 3 - (IV) Pawns of Evil
Oct 4 - Autumn Feast Relic Draws Close
Oct 5 - Dream Selection Opens (USB?)
Oct 10 - Realms on Parade Relic Draw Ends
Oct 10 - Dungeon Update 49 (IV:TAY, XIII-2, T-0)
Oct 10 - Torment - Dahaka (XIII)
Oct 23 - Autumn Feast Close
Oct 27 - Crystal Tower - Kings of the Four Elements
Nov 6 - Dungeon Update 50 (X-2, VII:DoC)
Dec 11 - Dungeon Update 51 (IV:TAY, VII:CC)

That's from this post from Relm:

However, the fact that our current VI event goes on until October 4 has me wondering if the Octopath event will push everything else back.

The rest of this topic I'll devote to linking SolitaireD's JP topics for events and select other banners (a "?" means a banner that's not certain), in the order they appeared for JP (unless we already know the order will change).

That should more or less resemble the order in which GL gets the events and banners, but is always subject to change. For instance, it's always possible that GL gets events early, most notably with the possibility that events happen right after a fest in JP might come to GL before that fest.


I do plan to keep updating the old topic for now, as well. That's because it's developing into a place where you can scroll through detailed banner info, starting from the next FFT banner.

To do so, go here and start scrolling to see the detailed info starting from FFT, plus links to most of the random banners JP had that GL may or not get:

Event order as a condensed series of links starts below. Note that EoM means "End of Month" and usually indicates a higher-quality banner, as JP has been making it a tradition to release noticeably-better event banners on the last day of every month.

For the events that have 6 disco banners, but only 5 featured discos, that means that the last disco slot will have all the non-featured 6* relics belonging to characters on that banner.

Not included in those links is the WoFF collab, which is in limbo at the moment. Here's the link to that for anyone who wants it:

User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#2
(VIII) -- EoM 5 discos

(BRA*BRA + USJ -- 5 discos)

Brave Fest 5 discos

(IV) -- 4 discos

5 Disco (not XV) events begin
(XIII) -- EoM

Ability Double Pick Up?


V, XII, T Healer Lucky Draw?

(XV) -- One 4-disco XV, one 5-disco lightning + earth

(II) -- One II banner, one fire pick up banner

Golden Week Luckies?

(X) -- EOM

V, VII, XII, T Healer Lucky Draw?



Bartz Lucky?

Burst Fest 6 discos (5 featured)

6 Disco (5 featured) events begin
(VI) -- EoM

Fire Pick Up?



(XII -- One banner)

Earth & Lightning Luckies?


Ice Pick Up?
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User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#3
6 Featured Disco Event Banners Begin
(VIII) -- EoM


Curated Healer Lucky Draw?


Wind Pick Up?


Banner of 6 CSBs?


USB/BSB/LMR selects?

Ability Double and Wind Pick Ups?

(FFV) -- EoM

Brave Pick Up?



After that, here's what we know from the latest FFRK report, here:

In summary, not much outside of fest activities. There'll be an ice-weak Corridor of Trials, a soundtrack event, then an FFII event in October after the fest.

There will likely be an End of Month event for September announced in the Niconico Livestream in a couple days, however. I'd guess they announce a VII event, but who knows?
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
6 months ago#4
ffrkowaway posted...
However, the fact that our current VI event goes on until October 4 has me wondering if the Octopath event will push everything else back.

Indeed. That's also a lot of different things to drop at the same time on the 12th.
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User Info: MrchillyZ

6 months ago#5
Dang dawg....
You work is fantasic
Keep it up

User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#6
Well, I guess Octopath did not push everything back. I'll keep this topic going with links to new JP topics as they come up.

Ice Lucky Draw?

User Info: serjrps

6 months ago#7

Very good summary of what should be going on for the foreseeable future.

Much thanks to @SolitaireD and @Relm_Arrowny_87 as well for their threads, it's quite a lot of work.
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User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#8
Just on the small chance DeNA for some reason decides to give GL the JP Octopath banner, I'll leave this here:
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User Info: ZeroQ8

6 months ago#9
What 4 realms from crystal tower this time?

User Info: ffrkowaway

6 months ago#10
Not sure, you might be able to find it in the general JP topic.
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