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  3. No hype surrounding Pecil USB2?

User Info: KnightLordST

7 months ago#1
Thought Wall was the most sought after utility. Remember how people chased and coveted SG & SSII. Now it seems current JP is coveting Ability Doubles.

At least people still want Tyro Usb3, yet I feel no shout out for Paladin Cecil.

User Info: ChillGamer

7 months ago#2
It's right before fest, and even in the same event it's overshadowed by Decil and Palom.

Besides, even the hardest events offer Wall so it has no place in most setups, which is probably why it's not so sought after.

User Info: dye2556

7 months ago#3
It's very good in all knight no heal team.

User Info: Rubenov

7 months ago#4
In addition to the above, we've had 2 sources of Wall for a long time, and it is now given away for free at the AA. Plus, Pecil's wall is a common wall while Tyro's wall is GOD Wall.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

7 months ago#5
It's good I suppose, the healing is probably useful. But, I have Tyro's Divine wall personally, and I'd probably never use P.Cecil's over that one. And there isn't much that I bring even Tyro for anymore, anyway... He's useful in multiplayers and in lower-end content. Otherwise, I usually just RW his wall, because Tyro's kind of dead weight after the first couple turns. Edit: And, I imagine P.Cecil would be similar in any non-Holy teams.

Besides, wall is literally useless in the new torments. Because Dr. Mog drops an infinite wall right from the start. So, that's most definitely not a reason to chase it.
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User Info: Rman0099

7 months ago#6
1-1.5 years ago and this would be quite coveted. Now? I just don't see its use when there are better options for party slots right in the same realm.

Healer - Porom/Rosa
DPS - Kain, Palom, Edge
Support - Edward

If you have relics for THAT cluster of 5, then Pecil is benched. Then throw in Decil or Rydia....The game has moved too far away from tanks and gives away free walls in T2.
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User Info: KnightLordST

7 months ago#7
Hmm, I see the reason why people can't find it ideal to fit Pecil in a holy team, native wall is often bad for offense :(
He does have one of the only 4 Holy AoSBs in current JP (Pecil, WoL, Celes & Firion)

You have to give up a DMT/MM slot for Pecil's Wall. And for his EX mode to be more useful, he needs Marche USB for the other DMT slot. Two slots taken so no slots available for Holy CSB.

User Info: philsov

7 months ago#8
PCecil + Marche = phalanx of doom! Nothing but a quick-acting front row with pulse healing.

I'm giving the FF4 banner one roll, but the mythril competition with the upcoming fest is just so high. I personally lack godwall, but might land it as well on fest banner 1.
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User Info: mazurka

7 months ago#9
He aint that good yo guy
Now with super wall in FFRK!
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User Info: Godric1696

7 months ago#10
As someone who dove Pecil out of favoritism... I prefer Tyro USB3 over Pecil USB2.

I will want it eventually... but I just can't budget it right now.

Edit: That said I will probably cave in to a single pull.
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