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User Info: BeckyBoo

4 weeks ago#1
Is anyone else diving the God of Magic?

User Info: ZeroQ8

4 weeks ago#2
I can but dont have lmr so i guess later

User Info: Desclipse369

4 weeks ago#3
[PSN:] Desclip369 [FFRK:] fkDd 'Tyro USB3' [FFBE:] 367,273,176 'Tidus'
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User Info: tomasmk2003

4 weeks ago#4
I expect pics Becky, of your dive of course lol
Rw XqWR shadow bsb for daily

User Info: KnightLordST

4 weeks ago#5
I have his Osb and Lmr but I’ll wait to see if I can get his future aosb.

Much like Rinoa LM2+25% dualcast Lmr combo, Kefka LM2+Lmr seems great too though he only covers dark.

User Info: Garetjax333

4 weeks ago#6
Depends...if Kefka, then definitely. On the other hand, Kefka could Kefka so maybe just Kefka. Not sure, so Kefka.
The good ol' days never existed. It's the coverage of negative news that increased significantly.
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User Info: zibba1331

4 weeks ago#7
Im about to assault his tower in FFVI iOS...that count?
E's zicd rana cu E fuh'd kad vehat.

User Info: Rman0099

4 weeks ago#8
I would if I had any of his relics. Still kicking myself for not taking his BSB in the select last time.....thats the problem with playing drunk. Make bad decisions.
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 weeks ago#9
Don't have any of his Relics, so right now it's not happening.
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User Info: mazurka

4 weeks ago#10
Now with super wall in FFRK!
Fate IGN: Arminus

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