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User Info: vivi69

8 months ago#11
4 dupes:
Zack csb
Zidane usb, bsb
Fujin bsb

Got zack usb from half price and significantly boost my wind team, so im set.
400+ mythrils and still failed to get Vivi USB

User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
8 months ago#12
hard pass not even worth a 100 gem.
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

8 months ago#13
On the other hand, besides Midgardsormr and possible Wind team for Boundless Zermous EG, there isn't any significant fight where you require this element.

FFVII's Torment if you have Cloud's USB because of their excellent synergy. Almost all sub30 D450 runs feature this combo.

User Info: Alligamer76

8 months ago#14
5 dupes 5 wants easy pass unless I'm guaranteed fujins BSB and USB in 1 pull.
And if we were to save the day we know it's not our victory no, we'll just sit here with our golden smiles, and scarlet heart.

User Info: MrFirestar

8 months ago#15
7 dupes, 7 wants. Easy pull for me. Come on Zack CSB!
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User Info: Cuticrusader09

8 months ago#16
Skip. Have the CSB, fujin, alph& zidane bsbs & cloud Lmr.
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: gunplagirl

8 months ago#17
I have all of Fujin's stuff so zero reason to bother with this. 4 or 5 dupes, can't remember which faris bsb I have but I think it's this one.
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User Info: Target_Master

8 months ago#18
Wind banners always seem to be the hardest pass.
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User Info: CTsChoco

8 months ago#19
4 dupes...if it had been Alphinaud USB on here instead of Faris I might have been enticed into a pull. But with Fest Banner 3 coming I think it's a pretty safe pass.
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User Info: Kizzomeau

8 months ago#20
7 wants, 5 dupes... ehhhhhh.

Will alph/fujin LMR be available in LoG?
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