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  3. Am I the only one who thinks Shelke/Morrow legend dives are bad advice?

User Info: raazychx

10 months ago#1
Note: I am talking about Shelke or Morrow without any soul breaks, not with soul breaks. With soul breaks, it seems like it would be fine...

I have seen so many people recommend Shelke or Morrow based only off of the instant-cast 3 and haste at the beginning of battle. I understand the strategy... to give faster soul break meter to an ally, et cetera...

I just don't understand how it's worth diving them if they don't have any soul breaks. Yes, you're transfering soul break meter to other characters... But when I think about the costs of it... It just doesn't seem to add up.

The only major gain of using the IC3 + Entrust/Wrath strategy is to get a single soul break faster into the game. That means activating whatever soul break faster... A chain, or a buff... at the expense of a character slot.

There's nothing particularly *wrong* with this strategy in itself. What I don't understand is why someone would legend-dive a character who has no soul breaks.

Are the numbers of seconds shaved off using this strategy really justifiable for legend diving? Perhaps in its best form, one gains a major orb for each 3* magicite cleared. 4* magicites might make it under the 1:00 mark sometimes.

... Then what? Does this strategy actually help with the 5* magicites, too? Are the rewards *that* good for legend-diving a character with no soul breaks? Are you actually gaining that many major orbs or crystals to make a significant difference using a character with no soul breaks?

What happens with these characters after all the magicites are cleared at all levels? What happens when you have no soul breaks for them? Are the first three turns really that valuable in each and every fight, using a character with no soul breaks?

If they had soul breaks, I would understand it a little more. I just don't understand how a non-soul break battery character who shaves off a few seconds at the beginning is worth a legend dive, especially for newer players who don't have resources.
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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
10 months ago#2
Diving Shelke took me out of reach of some sub 30s to even be able to sub 20 some of the 3* Magicites and I could not see myself even beating some of the 4* without her.
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User Info: Gainerama

10 months ago#3
I am going to guess that you haven't dived Shelke and you don't do speed runs?

User Info: lcedfire

10 months ago#4
If you are at 35s for 3* magicites then diving the ic3 entrust typically will get you to sub30. That means 2 guaranteed major orbs a day. Very much worth.

Plus since magicites get deadlier the more the fight drags on, ending it quicker means you need less heals and defensive supports to win the fight

User Info: CTsChoco

10 months ago#5
In this case, if you're using them for entrust strats then having an SB or not really doesn't matter since they should never be spending the bar on themselves anyway. Sure, Shelke has a nice support BSB, but with the current state of support roles in the game being what it is...

Besides, the reverse is also true. There are plenty of characters with great relics but their LD is trash, so the general advice would be not to dive even with them fully kited out.
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User Info: Alligamer76

10 months ago#6
I personally haven't dived either but that's because I have other more important dives to do first, still got edge, Bartz etc to do before I can even consider either one. I don't know if I will dive them actually, I'm still working on certain teams so they might have a place. As for diving without relics, I guess it depends on the person.
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User Info: Blaze0fGlory

10 months ago#7
It can fill in a DPS role keep those healer USB’s popping and gets the ball rolling faster at the start. It’s probably the best dive. Like having another DM/MM RM.
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User Info: Opius71

10 months ago#8
Maybe the dive will not age well with 5* and 2.0 on the horizon, but it was absolutely worth it if you were close to sub 30s. Less time savings than acquiring a chain for that element, but getting dps online, entrusting a healer or guts guy, they are alot of help on 3-4* sub 30s.

For people who dived her whenever Shelke came, that may have been that many months of majors and crystals they obtained every day.

I've never regretted a dive that lead to such an influx of resources over a sustained period of time, even if motes are still the most limited resource around.
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User Info: philsov

10 months ago#9
It's more for ensuring a sub 0:30/1:00 time.

raazychx posted...
I just don't understand how a non-soul break battery character who shaves off a few seconds at the beginning is worth a legend dive, especially for newer players who don't have resources.

Newer players also have less relics, so entrusting onto your only Earth (e.g.) OSB is a viable strategy instead of farming up a metric asston of motes for a different character whom you have no relics for to spam abilities themselves.

And it really isn't just "at the beginning". By enstrusting someone with a chain (e.g.), the chain bearer is now free to use a +dmg RM for 30%+ more personal damage throughout the entire fight instead of needing the Dr Mog's Teaching RM, and the faster chain that Morrow provides over some other rando with Support 5 (like Edward!) cascades into safer and faster clears.
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User Info: Ultimaphazon

10 months ago#10
It helps that Shelke and Morrow are Vitality & Bravery dives, which are generally a terrible set of characters / Legend Dives. If you want to keep your mote usage somewhat balanced, there's really not many other characters who are worth the Bra&Vit motes.
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