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User Info: Azmar69

8 months ago#31
Once 3x pulled
Edges USB
Rosa’s USB
Rubicante BSSB

A few good 100 gem pulls but nothing like this

User Info: MegaZzZeux

8 months ago#32
During fest banner 1.

1/3 Rosa USB
1/3 Aphmau USB
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User Info: Alligamer76

8 months ago#33
Damn some really good pulls, lots of squall bsb2 100 gems.

MegaZzZeux posted...
During fest banner 1.

1/3 Rosa USB
1/3 Aphmau USB

Man that's like a record for quality 3x pulls congrats.
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User Info: Godric1696

8 months ago#34
I got Cloud USB in a 100 gem pull? As well as Tidus USB in a 100 gem pull.

Tyro USB3 1/3 :P. Talk about cutting it close.
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

8 months ago#35
People are gonna say Vivi USB off parade draw was my best but I think 2x 100 gem Zidane USB and Fran USB back to back is better. Off CT draws awhile ago

User Info: AndyTarot

8 months ago#36
Seymour CSB for 100gem and Shantoto CSB for 5 mythril parade draw.

In the past, nothing good as above comes to mind. Maybe Noctis OSB/BSB from 33x free draw last year.

User Info: Rman0099

8 months ago#37
RandoGamerKid posted...
Fran USB

I am now convinced you are absolutely mental. Fran USB better than Vivi?

Space for rent........
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User Info: ShinUltima

8 months ago#38
We talking about non-11 pulls only?

I've only ever had one: A 3-pull on the first FFIX event that got me 3 5*s - Steiner's first sword x2 (which I really wanted, for synergy/Retaliate purposes) and Adamant Vest.

Aside from that.... Well I don't 100 gem much - only used what's been left over from dream select pulls, so I've only done it maybe 5 or 6 times total to date - but I did manage to snag Bartz BSSB2 from the water banner we got back in January. It's not great, but it did help me get a sub-30 on Malirith.
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User Info: Opius71

8 months ago#39
Top 5 100 gems:

Kain USB
Delita USB
Prompto USB
Lightning BSB1 (back when it was still good)
Vanille BSB1 (back when it was top tier)

That is 100 gemming basically every banner more or less except for terrible stuff like renewals and really bad banners over the course of a couple years. Kain's was the last great one, which was when it debuted a while ago. Been on a cold streak lately.
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User Info: maymod

8 months ago#40
I think my 2 best 100 gemmers are

Squall bsb2
Marche USB

The only issue after getting it i got 4 more dupes after it in various banners.
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