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  3. How many 3* Dexterity Motes do you have?

User Info: fepnascimento

9 months ago#11
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User Info: JakeN43

9 months ago#12
Vitality - 115
Dexterity - 2904
Spirit - 1230
Wisdom - 1267
Bravery - 561
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User Info: Jdarrz

9 months ago#13
Godric1696 posted...
Jdarrz posted...
I stopped buying the 3*s every week when I realized I had so many. I should probably 3* dive everyone

I have about 4300-5500 of each 3*

4* vitality mote? I have one (1). Seemingly everyone needs them -__-

No I need wisdom :(

Lol I have 364 4* wisdom

User Info: EchoNull

9 months ago#14
4038. The rest of the 3*s are below 2700.
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User Info: magicpot

9 months ago#15
Spirit 1107
Dexterity 3307
Vitality 753
Wisdom 1428
Bravery 928

User Info: Xuxon

9 months ago#16

the rest range from 2500-3900
Grats to BKSheikah, a guru ahead of his time.

User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
9 months ago#17
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

9 months ago#18
I decided to take a little time to figure out how many 3* motes I still need. Took a little time, but it's pretty simple math.

To cap all of the current characters, I still need:
3340 Vitality
2702 Bravery
850 Wisdom
992 Spirit

Vitality and Bravery could take a while, but my mages will probably be done in a couple months. New characters add 225 to the total required, but there aren't too many more characters incoming lately.

...And btw, I already have a surplus of 1894 Dexterity. >.>

I've gotten most of the 3* motes, so this should more or less apply to anyone that's been playing long enough. (I think I only skipped a few gysahl shop motes.) Edit: Though, I forgot that random Raid bonus rewards are a thing. Can't be that big of a difference, though.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: zibba1331

9 months ago#19
Way over 4,000; dont think it would be possible to spend them all? Who knows
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User Info: joe_xc

9 months ago#20
3,638. I've activated every 3* node that does not require Vitality motes.
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