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  3. Yuffie with just BSB2 and Glint ?

User Info: Mega-Tea

8 months ago#1
I've got those relics, is her viable with just those 2 ?
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User Info: turn_based

8 months ago#2
Yes, fully dived too. She’s good.
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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
8 months ago#3
Her glint and LD alone makes her amazing.
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User Info: EchoNull

8 months ago#4
@eX_Calmune posted...
Her glint and LD alone makes her amazing.
Dived with Glint, LMR, and Clear Tranquil unique SB.

Zero regrets.

No, wait, that's still too much regret.

Negative regrets.
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User Info: Uiru

8 months ago#5
I've found her ASB isn't worth the cast time without enWater :( Got that, glint, LMR, and Clear Tranquil for the off healer funtimes.

User Info: Rafael1990

8 months ago#6
I dived her when I only had her BSB1 (for enwater).

With enwater and a water chain, she can do 2 x 7 x 9999 with reduced cast time. Who even needs an AOSB?

User Info: R4monxu

8 months ago#7
I have BSB1, BSB2, USB1 and LMR, and half of the time I don't know what to do with her.

She's LD, but should I use any SB or just ninja spam? BSB1 for the en-water or BSB2 for the imperil? Is LMR worth if I'nm using water abilities? I leave USB1 as a panic medica if needed.

She's always with Tidus and under chain, btw.

User Info: dracostreex

8 months ago#8
dived with bsb2 and lrm

the lrm makes her even more a water goddess

User Info: KnightLordST

8 months ago#9
Bravery+Wisdom motes = Easiest decision ever

User Info: xharvestx

8 months ago#10
All good to go
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