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User Info: FinnH

9 months ago#61
Cuticrusader09 posted...
hikari90 posted...
...I just hope they won't screw us global with library of guidance :(

After this, I doubt it. They know that their target market (whales) is not oblivious to what Japan gets. Taking out the library would undo the goodwill they are trying to garner here.

I agree

Also LoG is built into the actual mission system skipping it would be really difficult it wouldnt be a case of missing it they would have to create something new in its place which is unlikley

Im confident re getting the library
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User Info: EchoNull

9 months ago#62
Oh man. Thanks as always for posting these, but usually it's just a couple of tidbits of new info. I would say we have... a plethora of interesting info here!

In the past we've also misjudged what things we think our worldwide players want to see.
This makes me think if the "no ff4 events this year" 180° turnaround in JP. Great to see that MVPs actually CAN have that kind of away in Global!

Relic Draws: wow this takes some unpacking!
new feature exclusive to the worldwide version
SO this is not talking about tier rates like JP has.... Gut feeling, I don't think buybacks or dupe exchanges are likely. Rates for each featured relic? Relic Selection Shop a la Mobius? (Maybe a Gem-only one?) The suspected Survey-based Ultros-style banner? Relic Draw tickets as a fourth currency in addition to gil, mythril, and gems? Eager to know what this winds up being.
That nongacha shop in Mobius GL radically shifted the game balance, and led to a lot of balancing issues - they'll need to be careful or global will ACTUALLY be a qualitatively different game!

@Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
tomasmk2003 posted...
We all know that the Japanese version that the worldwide version is based on is released six months earlier.
My god. They actually said it. :D
@Sir_Will posted...
I think speculation on it should be kept to a minimum. We have no idea what it means. Let it be a pleasant surprise or shrug of the shoulders. Don't get your hopes up.
"A pessimist is always either right or pleasantly surprised!"
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User Info: ShinUltima

9 months ago#63
Somewhat concerned about any changes to the relic system. I also don't see how they can make any kind of drastic change, but still...

The rest of the letter is good though. While they could be pulling our chain, it actually does sound like feedback from surveys is what brought back Daily Missions and probably Morrow (though I think Meia was always scheduled to arrive - didn't we have a date for her event pre-Fest?).

Free Thunder Quadstrike. Can't remember if I created a second one already or not. I think I did and have it at R2. Oh well.

That 50 mythril boosts the amount of mythril we should get between now and the end of Extreme fest to ~350. Excellent.

Also, RIP "JPN and Global are different games" meme, 2015 - April 2018
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User Info: Alligamer76

9 months ago#64
The only logical thing I can think of that hasn't been mentioned for the change is like a step up kind of pull system. So you get 3 discount multis then a free one then it goes to normal price. It's highly doubtful but it might happen.

Discounts aren't /11 until the last so probably like 3/7/11 for the discounts like other gacha do.

Obviously not on every banner though, or they might skip the free one and just have 3 discount multis.
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User Info: mazurka

9 months ago#65
Tbh, the "feature" that they're likely talking about is something as simple as allowing you to just skip the animation for the pull all together, so you don't have to tap/click through like ten 3 and 4 star relics. It'd just, for example, show the end part right away where it lists all the relics you got. Think more along those lines when you consider what they mean by "new relic draw feature".
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User Info: Solarwind

9 months ago#66
Sir Will posted...
Alligamer76 posted...
Dena probably started reading this board and the subreddit, the email sounds like we hurt them. The amount of salt between here and reddit would convince them.

I imagine it was MVP feedback.

Hm, I doubt they were the biggest complainers about missing out on mythril though. The collabs I can understand but I can't see why big spenders would be worried about daily missions unless it's just on principle.

mazurka posted...
Think more along those lines when you consider what they mean by "new relic draw feature".

Not sure why they'd mention it in conjunction with transparency though if it's a minor UI update like that.
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User Info: mazurka

9 months ago#67
Solarwind posted...
Not sure why they'd mention it in conjunction with transparency though if it's a minor UI update like that.

Even displaying the rates in game somewhere would require a UI update. For example Fate Grand Order just has a little "Summon Info" button on their UI which shows the draw rates. So a UI update like that showing the rates goes along with their transparency comment. Both a skip feature and the summon info type button would both be UI changes.
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anyoneandeveryone 9 months ago#68
KnightLordST posted...
No thats the other Buffet. The Buffet used in this term is a Verb meaning to Strike, Hit, Batter, etc. Especially of wind or waves.

Point taken, but it still gives me the connotation that he's flying down and hitting them with his wings more than him loosing a barrage of magic.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

9 months ago#69
Btw, side note...
tomasmk2003 posted...
・Elemental Boost Relic Draws start at 5:00 PM 4/22 (PST)!

...These draws are starting a lot sooner than I ever would've guessed. I'm probably too low on mythril to actually do anything with them... Unless they're really spread out, anyway.

The datamined banners for those 7 draws:
Ice: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6123.png
Holy: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6124.png
Earth: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6125.png
Water: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6126.png
Wind: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6127.png
Fire: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6128.png
Lightning: https://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/static/lang/ww/compile/en/image/gacha_series/lineup_image/6129.png

I'm kind of inclined to assume that they're doing them in that order? In which case the first might be Ice... Snow CSB and Rinoa USB at the top, from the looks of it.
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User Info: MegaZzZeux

9 months ago#70
I'm hoping my millions of dollars spent will get me into MVP when they change it.
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