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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
11 months ago#51
kwonshin posted...
Bruh didn't know you are also famous on Discord, Sir Will. Found golden line about you in there few hours ago. Bit provocative so I don't want to post it here

Bunch of children....

And the standard 'f*** off' to you. If you didn't want to start anything you wouldn't have said anything at all. Can we not do this please?
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User Info: Rman0099

11 months ago#52
SolitaireD posted...
- On PC with touch screens, Mouse support is unavailable

Now that's just dumb dumb dumb and lazy. My wife has a touch screen on her lappy and neither of us use it because we abhor finger smudges on screens. This does not help those with OCD.
Space for rent........
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User Info: orius

11 months ago#53
SolitaireD posted...
1) Battle Information
- You can now check Dr Mog's Memo & Medal Conditions during battle

2) Hero Strengthening QoL
- You can now move directly between the Hall of Rites, Growth Egg menu, and Level Break menu

Good. Sometimes I forget s***, especially when I'm rushing through stuff.

And the second change looks useful when egging people up to 65.

Downside is that we won't get it until October.

User Info: vivi69

11 months ago#54
I will stay with my ffrk on pc version (aka with emulator) XD
Where is our daily missions, DeNa?!

User Info: SolitaireD

11 months ago#55
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