Help me make a sub30 MIST dragon team

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User Info: RandoGamerKid

6 months ago#1
yep. Can't even sub30 it. can do all the others, and even Marilith. Fastest time is 33ish secs. My dark game is bad. Very bad. I'll post everything I got. I have been trying the new 4 stars and mist all day and I am tired.

FD Ramza. Shout Chant LMR BSB2
FD Raines. Just BSB
4 star dived Sephiroth. BSB2 OSB
FD Yuffie Glint, USB2, BSB1 SSB

R4 Dark Bargain
all the wraths entrusts lifefsiphones needed
R4 Curada
R2 3 5 7 Dark Ninja skill
2x R5 phantasms
much more

lotsa RM's

Magicites are like 65 Mist Dragon, 99 Phantom, 99 Darkmare, 99 Shadow dragon, 99 full inherited Mom Bomb, yada yada

etc etc. I got the closest with Seph, Raines, Ramza, Red and Eiko but I just lack that extra punch to end it fast enough.

User Info: tomasmk2003

6 months ago#2
Ninja but gonna cost ya orbs. Yuffie glint with 7 hit ninja atk pair with with sit she should be set.
Make more dark ninja atks
Rw XqWR shadow bsb for daily

User Info: ChocoboMog123

6 months ago#3
Seph with TGM, Dark Bargain (if needed), Sanguine's Cross
Ramza with MM, Wrath, Entrust
Shelke (even if undived) with Ace Striker, Wrath, Entrust
your next fastest Entruster with Battleforged, Wrath, Entrust
Eiko, I guess, with Curada, Shellga, and Dr.M

This is a super simple strat, but should work. Seph does Dark Bargain, SC, and gets entrusted into BSB2 into entrusted OSB spam. Mist Dragon has 544k health and has invulnerable turns, so it's going to be tight. This won't be your fastest team, but it's simple. You'll even have room to entrust a bar or two to your healer if you really need it.
For better time, switch an Entruster for Yuffie with Ancestral Reflection R2 (or even the water move, doesn't make much difference) , Shadow Embodied R3+ Use the best +damage RM you have (much more ninja damage is probably best), glint up, and go.
Raines could also probably fit, but I don't have experience with him. Plenty of videos floating around with Raines just spamming his BSB.

If you have stronger 4* magicites, level 15 attack boons could go a long way.
"You're sorely underestimating the power of nostalgia goggles." - adjl

User Info: LuBu1975

6 months ago#4
Cloud USB, Shelke and Noctis SSB are enough if you have those or is the above list all you have?

User Info: ShinUltima

6 months ago#5
You have Cloud USB and Zack CSB? OK BSSB? Those three can Reta Mist Dragon down sub-30.
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
PSN: ShinUltima

User Info: RandoGamerKid

6 months ago#6
No Cloud USB
No OK Bsb < just MUSB
Yuffie did jack. even glinted with 7x shadow hits. I got more mileage out of Raines bigtime.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

6 months ago#7
my entrust bots are FD LMR Ramza, FD Red and Minfillia. and I guess OK.

no Shelke.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

6 months ago#8
Still have the pick a free LMR i forgot. I could go Shadow but ll I have is his SSB and BSB

or I could pick Lightnings LMR to go with her USB BSB2
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