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User Info: Target_Master

9 months ago#21
First attempt, pre-dive.


Based on this, I decided to dive Sora. Homie was putting in work without En-Ice. So now he'll be using LMR & LM2 combo.

Gonna switch Yuna for Eiko. I was trying to use Yuna for her BSB2 for the magic buff but even with OK back up healing she can't keep up effectively and Lulu died before getting the chance to use her USB or receive the benefit of the BSB.

Also going to try switching Lulu for Shantotto. While trying to decide who would be the best person to dive for my Ice DPS I remembered I have Shantotto USB, and she's already been dived. So with an Ice Chain, I'm thinking that Abyssal Shard x12 plus trance mode will do wonders for the ice chain. (Lulu may still be better, since she has En-Ice. Just gonna trial and error)

Will keep OK as a backup healer/battery for now unless Eiko is able to handle the healing much better solo. Rinoa will stay the same as well.



Attempt #2 & 3. https://imgur.com/a/b8WxF

Got him down to 5% on that last attempt. Pretty much just a matter of good rng and fine turning order of operations at this point. Sub-25 would be more comfortable though since Sora's DPS drops once TGM wears off. Hmm..

Main issue at this point is surviving the damage output. Eiko will use her USB only for Tiamat to Savage Jet Fire everyone back down to 10~15% health.
My next idea is to swap OK for Minfilia (USB), and replace Shantotto with Alphinaud (SSB). Radiant Shield should make up the DPS loss, Alphinaud would take the role of backup healer. Minfilia will battery for Eiko.
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User Info: Target_Master

9 months ago#22
This team ^ is able to deal with the incoming damage better. Alphinaud takes a little long to get Deployment Tactics up though so this team won't be seeing any sub-30's.


Will spend some more time later playing with the following setup to see whether or not it can achieve sub-30. Still have the options of diving OK and/or Lulu.


Not sure how much sub-30 Tiamat really matters though. I'm sitting on 98 Wind Crystals and outside of maybe making one R4 Snowspell Strike, the only other use for them in the next 6 months will be Chain Thundaja (which probably won't receive more than 60 wind crystals at best).
PSN ID: From_A_Distance / FFXI: Zeosilot / FFXIV: Z'Ocelot / FFRK: VoHN
FFXIV: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/2236105/

User Info: MegaZzZeux

9 months ago#23
Currently 99ing all my new ice magicites... what is the ideal magicite setup for Tiamat?
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User Info: MegaZzZeux

9 months ago#24
Twice in a row with not even 1% health left... one at 1:06 one at 1:09 ... if Squall would double up I would have no problem winning.
Yep, I live in Idaho.

User Info: FedEx_Corp

9 months ago#25
@Target_Master posted...

Sora USB (& Ice Glint) - SSS, SSS
Lulu USB - SF, AS
Rinoa CSB - Vali, CB
OK BSB - CB, Entrust
Eiko (or Rosa) Curada, Shell?

How are you not sub30 with this setup?
I have the similar setup as you. I only have just 1x ice boost equipment as well.

Sora with TGM, use RW on turn 1, SSS until USB on turn 5=9999+5-6k chase
Lulu+Weakness, spam spells until USB on turn 5.
Rinoa+Mog, should cast Faith on Turn 1(either on Rinoa or on Lulu if you not capping with Lulu with her USB up), cast CSB on turn 2, cast magicite on turn 3, just there to C-B for chain. *If he magic absorb Lulu/Rinoa, cast faith on them. That extra turn to cast faith will be noticeable as time goes on with RNG+absorb magic rotation.*
OK BSB, wrath, entrust, wrath, entrust...infinity.
Rosa+Ace, Shellaga, wrath, cast USB on turn 4.

Ezmode afterward if you pass turn 5.
Wrath once=>Entrust Rosa, raise and repeat to keep you alive.
Tiamat is easily the most predictable and imo, the easiest boss out of all of them due to the AOE consistency.
The only time I S/L is when she does her 15% Silence Claw BS and not the 35% AOE instead.

User Info: Phagey

9 months ago#26
If I don't have Squall BSB2 or Sora stuff but only Ayame BSB/OSB with no chain and no ice magic to speak of, is this enough DPS or am I hosed until I get better damage? For that matter, I don't have Ayame OSB anyway, it's an option I'm considering for my parade set bonus.

I do have Squall Glint and LMR, if that helps, as well as his en-Ice unique.

User Info: MegaZzZeux

9 months ago#27
It was sloppy, but I did it and am finally 6/6 on 4* magicites. Only expert on Tia though.
Yep, I live in Idaho.

User Info: Garetjax333

9 months ago#28
Can I tackle her? Here’s what I got:

Snow USB + BSB + LMR
LD Squall AOSB + BSB2 + OSB
Laguna SSB (Imperil)
Delita USB + BSB

Serah BSB
Edea BSB + SSB (Imperil) + SB Faithga and Hastega
Rinoa BSB 1+2

I also have:
Aphmau USB + BSB
Edge SSB

I feel like I can, but I’ve been busy dealing with the other Magicite.
What do you think?
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User Info: ZeroQ8

9 months ago#29
I think:

Pusb entrust wrath 1 SB
Edge SSb with quickhit and stitch Ace striker
Squall bsb2 1 SB

and keep wrath then entrust to edge, shellga up before twister

give snow tgc and make him use monk ice till usb then carry on, use someone with shellga

User Info: ffrkowaway

9 months ago#30
@Target_Master Making progress I see. I have been running a hybrid team, but it may be hard to replicate without the all-powerful 2000 HP Stock from Snow's CSB.

But for what it's worth, here's where I last ended up with Tiamat:

I'm starting to think that you have a CSB, it's pretty much always best to use it, and use it on the first turn. Or on the second turn at latest, if nobody's ready to start contributing to the chain until then. And then once it's up, just keep building the chain, with 3-4 characters all contributing.

I've started doing this with Snow's CSB. And, while my runs aren't faster (or slower) than what I was doing with my sub-30 team in post #157, they seem less dependent on Squall dualcasts, thanks to all the extra chain building. It even works out with Lulu not doing a whole lot of damage for the first 10s.

For instance, OK can get up to around 30K of damage per Chain Blizzaga near the end of the first CSB, which is really good. Plus, I had a run where I accidentally hit SSS instead of Cmd1 for Squall, then kept going with SSS. Tiamat had no visible health left by about 28s -- a little better dualcasting and I would have sub-30'd without using any of his burst commands. I also tried replacing Squall with a 4* dived USB Serah and got really close to sub-30, too.

Here's the turn order I've been running with -- OK, Squall, and Lulu are all legend dived, and not using any ice-boosting equipment:

Onion Knight (with LMR and DMT)
BSB -> Fabula Guardian -> Protectga -> Chain Blizzaga x5 (sometimes 6)

Squall (with Gathering Storm)
SSS x4 -> BSB2 -> Cmd1 x2 -> Cmd2 x3 (sometimes 4)

Lulu (with Ace Striker)
Sudden Freeze x3 -> USB -> Chain Blizzaga x2 (sometimes 3) -> USB -> Chain Blizzaga x3 (approximately)

Snow (with MM)
CSB -> Lifesiphon -> Wendigo -> Lifesiphon -> CSB -> Magic Break -> whatever

Minwu (with Battleforged)
Shellga -> Curada until after first Savage Twister -> USB -> Curada x2 (targeting Lulu and/or Squall, if it seems necessary) -> USB -> Curada if not done yet

Sub magicites are all Lv99 -- Migardsormr (with Lv5 Fast Act inherited), Isgebind, Dullahan, Kraken

Main snag is if Tiamat does too many AoE's before hitting Phase 2, but that's not been a major issue. I can usually get away with using Minwu USB before the first Savage Twister if that happens, thanks to Snow CSB refreshing the HP stock not too long afterwards.
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