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User Info: sarothias

9 months ago#41
Doing two or three pulls max for Zack USB/BSB, Zidane LMR and Luneth AOSB.

Hopefully get em but not going to chase. 5 dupes, three of which are Clouds USB, Zack CSB and Luneth USB boo.
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User Info: Blaze0fGlory

9 months ago#42
I would love Zack usb to go with the chain. Think I want Zidane LMR more though. He is so damn strong with USB, dive and 6* thief ability is real now.
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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
9 months ago#43
Thanks to the III pull and getting Luneth's USB from that, it slightly devalued this banner, but still 7 items I don't have and want all of them: Luneth ASB/Glint/LMR, Zack USB/LMR, Zidane LMR, Bartz BSB5.
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User Info: Summoner_Sage

9 months ago#44
Originally planned to pull here...but that was before we knew the wind banner in the next fest. Yep passing bar 100 gems.
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User Info: kokushishin

9 months ago#45
My III is weak and Zidane has old stuff but Cloud dupes plus Zack chain and burst.
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User Info: SaintTweeter

9 months ago#46
I've got one dupe, Zack BSB, and my wind isn't very good but this just doesn't that good of a pool unless you get really lucky... More stuff for Luneth could be nice but uuuh. I'll pass.
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User Info: MMZ

9 months ago#47
Another... Bartz... BSB...
I'm still missing his Fire-BSB, I'm not ready for another lol.

Presuming "Glint" relics add 10 ATK when mastered, Bartz should end up with 110+ ATK just from mastering everything (by the time his AOSB/Glint are available).
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User Info: EchoNull

9 months ago#48
With only Zidane BSB2 for a dupe here, I'm giving it one 11x draw. Especially now with Luneth OSB in hand.
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User Info: vivi69

9 months ago#49
3 dupes:
Zack CSB
Cloud USB
Zidane BSB

really want zidane lmr but i think i can wait until his banner

User Info: jayman7

9 months ago#50
Yeah, I already have one of the best prizes here, and the rest don't interest me much. I decided I'm drawing on 2 and 5, already drew on 1, and if I can get enough Mythril to guarantee I have enough for banner 5 before banner 3 ends I may draw there (I have some significant dupes on 3, but there are a couple of things there that are veeeeery tempting). This one gets a pass.
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