How many Tyro relics do you have?

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User Info: tomasmk2003

6 months ago#11
9 won't be bothering with newest wall
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User Info: lechaflan

6 months ago#12
Only ones I'm missing to date are his OSB and LMR
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User Info: Solarwind

6 months ago#13
Have 10:

Sentinel Grimoire (Unique), Cyclone Grimoire (Unique), Stormlance Grimoire (Unique), Healing Grimoire (Unique), Celebration Grimoire (Unique), Keeper's Tome (BSB), Warder's Apocrypha (USB1), Fantasy Unbound (USB2), Divine Veil Grimoire (USB3), and the LMR.

I didn't need the Stormlance Grimoire but I had a weird deal happen with my game with the beginner's banner and it let me pick one. 1000% positive I never drew on it, weirdest thing to happen to me in this game. I took that one because it's unique to Global and I didn't need any of the other picks at the time. Was around when it closed. Just for commemorative fun.

I got Cyclone and Healing both from LDs. >_> Only missing his SSB and OSB.
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User Info: Cless012

6 months ago#14
Healing Grimoire
Celebration Grimorie

Missing 3 of his relics I think, Stormlance, and USB 1 and 3

User Info: jayman7

6 months ago#15
I have the free one from a few months back. And, uh... Judgment Grimoire? >_>

I was really hoping to get his new one today, but I wasn't willing to draw twice.
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User Info: DeadliftKing91

6 months ago#16

I use his USB1 quite often. I like it a lot.

User Info: drg3

6 months ago#17
6 relics, 40 attack.

User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
6 months ago#18
All but his BSB
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User Info: xypheral

6 months ago#19

User Info: mazurka

6 months ago#20
Btw God wall has some pretty great stats for a book
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  3. How many Tyro relics do you have?

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