6 Isgebind in a row!!!!!

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User Info: ShinUltima

7 months ago#21
shadestreet posted...
This has been my experience for 4* magicite too. The drops don't seem to be weighted evenly, the primary boss magicite seems to drop 9:1 for the others.

Had 8 isgebind in a row. Took an eternity to get 3x dullahan. Similar with Marilis and Midgarsormr. Saw a ton of those, the others, not so much.

RNG. I was looking for Midgardsomr yesterday and it took about 12 S/Ls to get one. Kept getting Earth Guardian and Catastrophe, to the point where I started to wonder if "Midgardsomr" had been renamed to "Earth Guardian" in Kompanion (I never checked out Midgardsomr's 4* drops before).
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User Info: cityyankee24

7 months ago#22
Thevideokid posted...
Dude, king bomb is the best fire magicite. I mean, I guess if you're one of those magic weirdos Maliris is okay... >_>

I am trying to get enough cards of each 4* Magicite to break to 99 right now. I'll stack up others, like King Bomb, later.
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  3. 6 Isgebind in a row!!!!!

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