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  3. Alright so I only need to beat Shadow Dragon magicite now. Need help with team

User Info: stereographic

11 months ago#21
If you have OSB and BSB for Cid Raines you can bypass Black Fang.

1. Equip Cid Raines with Gathering Storm and generally set up three entrusters with at least one having Dr. Mog Teachings or Mako Might.

2. On Cid Raines, use Memento Mori -> BSB -> OSB. This will do enough damage to Shadow Dragon so that it won't use Black Fang. Make sure that your Entrusters are sending enough Soul Break gauge to Cid during the first two turns.

User Info: corrente

11 months ago#22
sarothias posted...
Moogle_trainer posted...
Yeah so it turns out when I set him up for the fight I stupidly gave him dark boosting gear instead of holy boosting gear. Realized it late last night. Gave him holy boosting gear and easily avoid black fang now. That was a brain fart on my part. But yeah can beat him fairly easy now thanks everyone.

hahaha yeah that makes sense then. Wasn't understanding how you couldn't beat Black Fang >_>

Congrats on your clear :D

Well they are both purple dragons so it’s easy to mix up lol.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

11 months ago#23
I finally took the mental energy to clear this guy, now I'm looking to Sub30. Can I get some help?
Pecil: USB, BSB1
Beatrix: OSB, BSB, EnHoly SSB
Agrias: BSB, EnHoly SSB
Hope: BSB1, BSB2
Various BSB/SSB's: Minfilia, WoL, Curilla, Celes
Shelke dived
Noctis SSB
Ramza SSB, USB
Edward BSB
Eiko BSB
Deuce USB BSB,
almost every other healer BSB

Current team is:
TGC: Saint's Cross, Power Chain, Scholar's Boon
Pecil: Divine Cross, Guardbringer, much more Holy
Shelke: MM
Ramza: DrM
Eiko: Curada, Shellga, Thunder God's Might

TGC starts with a Power Chain to get a quick OSB on Turn 2. His second bar actually goes to his burst because Cmd1 deals more damage than Saint's Cross and the 20% attack helps.
Pecil goes Divine Cross into USB into Guardbringer spam. He somehow misses 4 hit Guardbringer despite Wall, DC, and his USB with 348 Def.
I'm at ~39 seconds right now. If I could dodge the instant death this would be easy. I've tried Eiko using her Rebirth SSB, but it's messy. I've also tried replacing Pecil with Noct and I almost made 36 seconds but the fight was messier and Orlandeau died. Is there any obvious change I can make?
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User Info: Gainerama

11 months ago#24
All this talk of Dark Magicite got me all worked up again since I never did sub30 this guy prior. Forgot that I upgraded with a lot of OK equip lately so decided to tweek my old team and managed to sub30 him at approx. 27 secs. Officially sub30 every 3* except Golem cause I'm too cheap to hone wind magic.

RW: Wall Magicite: Enkindu

Shelke - entrust r2, wrath r5 (no sb) LM2 + ace striker rm
OK - wrath r4 (m-USB) - LMR + mako might rm
Ramza - entrust r2, wrath r4 (no sb) dmt rm
Selphie - shellga, curada r3 (usb) battleforged rm
Cid Raines - no abilities (bsb, osb) LM1,2 + gathering storm rm

Key was the start up to avoid black fang:
1. Shelke - wrath
2. OK - usb
3. Ramza - entrust to Raines
4. Selphie - RW Wall
5. Raines - bsb
6. Shelke - wrath
7. OK - wrath
8. Ramza - wrath
9. Selphie - shellga
10. Raines - cmd 2
11. Shelke - entrust to Raines who launches OSB to beat black fang

OK m-USB makes a huge speed difference so he keeps wrathing to relaunch his SB, let other two feed Raines instead.
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  3. Alright so I only need to beat Shadow Dragon magicite now. Need help with team
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