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User Info: Solarwind

11 months ago#11
Laj_1 posted...
@Solarwind do you have any physical blink options?

Edge and Penelo. It's hard to have sufficient DPS though, with no earth ninja spell to boot.
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User Info: Voidtemplar

11 months ago#12
No time yet for any optimization but did this in ~45 with Vivi (LMR+LM2) as most of the dps, with Edge (LMR+LM2) chipping in. In terms of faithga, the first part of the battle Vivi had his Trance, Rikku's USB and Mana's Paean. Later after trance ran out he used his BSB2 for a buff. He used the 4* Gaia Robe and the 6* major resist. Shelke entrusted an initial bar to Edge then the rest to Relm, whose USB was great for Vivi's slow spells and to keep everyone alive after Ixion stacked a million imperils on us. Edge spammed Phantasm with the 40% Ninja RM. Between his SSB2, and Fenrir's Blink, he didn't seem to need extra meter beyond the initial bit.

Pretty safe overall due to Relm/Edge. sub30 is probably doable with better magicites, good dualcast/no def mode luck or honing Chain Stonega for my Terra or Edge getting the Earth Ninja stuff. Or I'll hopefully actually get some Earth/Knight SBs between FFV and FFT. >_>
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User Info: KnightLordST

11 months ago#13
I used the Edge SSB Entrust strategy as a survival tool here. Trick to this is timing so the AOE dispels eat the Physical Blink. Without mitigation it is too hard to manage HP so phys Blink timing is key.
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User Info: ShinUltima

11 months ago#14
Can people please post detailed parties of their clears? A picture of your victory screen and leaving out obvious gaps in what you used doesn't help us peons looking for a leg up. Thanks.
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
11 months ago#15
ShinUltima posted...
Can people please post detailed parties of their clears? A picture of your victory screen and leaving out obvious gaps in what you used doesn't help us peons looking for a leg up. Thanks.

What I did for my build was pretty basic. I had Ingus's BSB2, Eiko's USB, and 3 Entrust batteries. The idea was basically activate both in the beginning (right after his 1st attack), then continually Entrust Eiko for her USB after every attack that procs Last Stand, and let the Earth Radiant Shield damage rack up.
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User Info: MegaZzZeux

11 months ago#16
Since I lucked out Ingus BSB2, and Maria is my only other earth DPS, I am going to go with the BSB2 strat with heals and such... do the Earth reflections stack on regular radiant shield by chance?
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

11 months ago#17


By no means graceful. Only got expert because it drug on too long. But my party above.

Bartz Bsb3 and cmd2 then cmd1 spam. Redoing bsb3s

Ingus Chain. Gaia cross spam. Titan blade super too since breaks helped and it chains up 6 hits

Eiko and penelo duh. Usbs

Ramza shout. WAS intented to be entruster but i kept getting nailed with his dispels so i had to keep re shouting

Shrug. Yes i blinked when i could
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User Info: SacredX

11 months ago#18
https://imgur.com/a/rJgJc - 35.62s

Almost sub-30, messed up a few SB casts so they didn't have Quick Cast. Still, I'd probably need Allegro at R2 to sub-30.

Worth noting:

No Wall
No Chain
No Earth+ Equips

I think it'd be fairly impressive once I can sub-30 it. I used a Level 65 4* Magicite, but I think I would've got more damage from a Level 80 3* Imperil Magicite; it'd have higher stats and I think the Imperil would've caused more damage overall. Might switch to that next time or get a Level 80 4*.

Maria - Protectga > BSB whenever possible > Chain Stonega spam

Rydia - BSB > Titan spam > Meltdown spam

Edge - Stitch in Time spam > "SSB" after Ixion's 2nd turn but before 3rd > "SSB" whenever possible if Pblink/Last Stand was gone > Powerchain when out of Stitch uses because I'm too cheap to make Quick Hit.

Sarah - RW > Allegro > Mage's Hymn > Magicite immediately at 10s mark > Allegro > Mage's Hymn spam > BSB whenever possible > after 3rd or so Mage Hymn concentrate on Command 1 spamming DPS users and whoever lost Last Stand.

Shelke - Entrust Rydia > Wrath > Entrust Maria > Wrath > Entrust Edge > Wrath > Entrust Sarah > Wrath > Entrust Edge > Wrath and Entrust Edge for the rest of the battle.

Pretty confident this guy can go down in less than 30s with this basic strategy. Would've been so much better if I had Maria's LMR so I wouldn't need to waste time casting her slow BSB and Shelke wouldn't need to waste an Entrust, but it's still a decent BSB otherwise.

If anyone has any similar SBs or LM-types this might be useful.
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User Info: raoxi

11 months ago#19
@SacredX great stuff sacred!! what is the LDs like on your party?

User Info: chooky33

11 months ago#20
@sacredx Why does Maria have protectga? Don't all the haste and white buffs get dispelled?

I think all the Edge/Eiko teams are seriously under rating the usefulness of the intermittent haste buff. I'm running a chain/radiant ingus, but I can't keep up from a damage, buff, or healing perspective. How are people without Eiko/Edge/Aphmau (IC buff is probably just as good in this fight) handling the dispels and resulting slow turns?
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