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User Info: sarothias

11 months ago#81
Simonides posted...
@sarothias thanks! Well, I do have a chain (Zack's) but yeah, no OP DPS options. I wasn't expecting to get this for that very reason, but with some creativity and "non-optimal" dives it worked!

Also, it's interesting that it seems I made good choices on both gem select banners: all 4 of the relics (2 BSB, 2 LMR) I picked are on 4* Magicite teams!

Zack BSB, Maria BSB, Bartz LMR, Tidus LMR

If I'm going to buy gems, guarantees definitely are the way to go!

Not sure why i added chains in my comment, especially since that was the idea of bartz USB building it lol -_- One of them days i guess.

The guarantees are so awesome compared to the disappointment lol.
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User Info: Cuticrusader09

11 months ago#82
Got a reliable sub 30 team. Not much RNG here.

Team is

Zack -fully dived, Chain, bsb , aerora strike, lifesiphon, ace striker, wind boost x 1

Cloud fully dived, USB & the old en wind Climhazzard sb, tornado strike & lifesiphon, wind damage rm, wind boost x 2

Onion knight, bsb & lmr, raging storm & entrust, dr mog, wind boost x 2

Shelke fully dived, wrath & entrust, mako might

Aphmau, USB, curada & shellga, gathering storm

Magicite unicorn

Onion knight starts with bsb &'then wall then raging storm & entrust to cloud or aphmau,Zack lifesiphons until ready to cast chain, cloud lifesiphon until chain up, shelke entrust to cloud then wraths & entrusts to Cloud or aphmau, Aphmau shellga then curada

Aphmau casts USB when Zack is ready to cast the chain, cloud should have 2sb bars then, cloud casts USB then Climhazzard, then USB when ready.

I try to have aphmau have USb ic up for SB casts. Zack should be able to cast 1bsb while chain is up.

With the enwind on Cloud from climhazzard the USB does major damage. I don't have Cloud's bsb2 so this is the best I can do.
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: raoxi

11 months ago#83
@Simonides incredible 5/6 sub30 already simon! some 4* decks and they will all be stable.

User Info: MegaZzZeux

11 months ago#84
1:09 first clear, Mastery,

Butz USB
Cloud USB+BSB2
Yep, I live in Idaho.

User Info: Simonides

11 months ago#85
Thanks @raoxi ! Yep, that's the plan! Maliris is already good and I have 4 each of Bomb King and Marilis to build XP on. Next week will be stable Isgebind.
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User Info: ShinUltima

11 months ago#86
Either people are not mentioning certain things about their builds, I'm more terrible at this game than I thought, or the lack of a single relic is screwing me over. I used a similar team to @Cuticrusader09, as my variant of the team used by @eX_Calmune, and it took me nearly three hours before I managed to win in ~43 seconds.

Cloud (LM1+LM2): R5 Life Siphon, R3 Omega Drive, Swd DMG+30% (USB/BSSB2)
Shelke (LM2): R3 Entrust, R5 Wrath, Ace Striker (no SB)
OK (LMR): R2 Entrust, R5 Wrath, Mako MIght (BSSB)
Aphmau: R3 Shellga, R2 Curada, Gathering Storm (USB)
Zack: R3 Powerchain, R5 Aerora Strike, DMT (CSB)

Magicites: L99 Unicorn, L99 Enkidu x2, L99 Enlili x2

The supposed easiest of the 4* magicites and I have Super Cloud and Zack CSB, and Aphmau USB which is not just a CT0 spreader but it also no-sells any Slows, and this is all I can muster?

The main difference between myself and other similar builds, of course, is lack of Zack BSSB. Which means that after casting Chain, Zack is doing jack. No chain building, no Imperil for extra damage. Cloud is doing all the damage, and is forced to raise the chain himself. It isn't so bad actually, since USB->BSSB2->USB makes the second cast do respectable damage (~30,000x5, up to 35,000x5 near the end of the chain for me). So chaining into USB repeatedly works, but I didn't expect it to be SO DAMN HARD.

Does he go into Berserk phase early? Does he have CT0 cast time on his Savage attacks? Time after time after time I was one turn away from winning and he kept going twice in-between my own instant-casts, and while his damage is "low for 4* magicite", his Savage AoEs are still 2000~3000 a shot under Wall/Shellga. And Aphmau's actual healing is pretty subpar (3500 - I guess I might have to at least dive her for her 4* record spheres). She was barely keeping up even with Entrusts.

But my main problem was juggling all the wrathing and entrusting to different targets and timing things to take advantage of Aphmau USB (which I haven't really abused before now), and since I wasn't sub-30ing (doesn't seem possible for me without Zack BSSB), I had to find time to refresh VoF and Fabula Guardian, which I haven't had to do for nearly 3 months. My brain kept getting fried with "Uh, what do I do now?" and making endless mistakes in the process, and even Speed 1 seems too fast for this type of battle where a single mistake means a ruined run. I really wish I had a Speed 0/could switch it to "Wait" mode.

I can't see myself improving on this much in the near future without Zack BSSB or USB. Since I can't improve my wind damage except by beating Tiamat (though I guess as a start, I could feed one of my L99 Enkidus to another L99 Enkidu and inherit the Wind +10% boost), and if I had this much trouble with the supposed easiest magicite and these relics, Tiamat will probably be impossible. I have Ice chain, but it's f***ing Snow, who's even more useless than Zack at this point, and my ice DPS isn't even close to physical Wind. And Tiamat is Tiamat.

I feel like I shouldn't even bother trying these until after Third Anniversary. I've (barely) beaten Maliris and Midgardsomr, and all they've done is leave me feeling demoralized, bitter and exhausted.
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
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User Info: KnightLordST

11 months ago#87
raoxi posted...
@Simonides incredible 5/6 sub30 already simon! some 4* decks and they will all be stable.

Get out of here lol :p

User Info: Neo Zekele

Neo Zekele
11 months ago#88
Ok, so I can reliably clear him in about 45 seconds.

Zack (BSB, CSB, Wind Boost x1) Lifesiphon, Chain Starter (Gathering Storm)
Ysh (BSB, LM1, LM2) Curada, Protectga (Dr. Mog)
Cloud (BSB2, USB, LM1, LM2, Wind Boost x2) Lifesiphon, Tornado Strike (Truthseeker)
Onion Knight (BSB, LMR, bmLM, Wind Boost x2) Meltdown, Shellga (Mako Might)
Bartz (uSB, USB, LM1, LM2, Wind Boost x2) Lifesiphon, SSS (World Traveler)
Wall, Unicorn, Earth resist accessories

Pretty basic strat. Zack gets Wall up right away, then switches to LS. OK does his BSB, then Shellga, then Unicorn and finally his BSB commands to build meter. Ysh puts up Protectga and then uses her BSB, spamming c2 after that. Cloud and Bartz just build meter with LS.

At about the 25 second mark I reapply OK BSB, Shellga, and Wall, and have Bartz use his unique. Then Zack starts the chain. Cloud goes USB into BSB2 x2, Bartz uses his USB then spams SSS, OK spams Meltdown, and Zack uses his BSB x2 after the chain. Ysh sticks to c2 or re-casting her BSB.

I only ever get one Unicorn out because he's just about dead by the time I can use it again. Only time I wipe is if he gets a lucky interrupt on Ysh or Cloud during the chain when he's about to cast his SB. Other than that, it's pretty smooth sailing.

Which... kind of sucks because Wind is my only chain, so I have no idea how I'm going to do the other 5 XD
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User Info: MegaZzZeux

11 months ago#89
Still only one clear at 1:09... now I am at 1:20 and he still has 20% health or so left...I'm not sure what changed...
Yep, I live in Idaho.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

11 months ago#90
Hes agitating me. Someone help b4 phone smash.

I cannot use Zidane yet. R1 dash n slash wont cut it.

Zack FD Bsb Csb SSb
Cid7 Ssb Usb
Minfilla Usb wrath entruster
Edge SSb2. R3 Raging. R5 phantasm

My 5th is eiko FD usb. Would using a 3 star dived Yshtola with Asylum be better?
3DS FC:1650 3511 8079
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