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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
11 months ago#421
Thanks to fest have a much more consistent sub 30 team, can even sub 20

RW - Raider; Magicite - Kraken (Octomammoth, Enki, Isgebind, Gizamaluke)

Best Time - 19:32

Tidus - Lifesiphon R5/Sapphire Shot R3 - LM2/LMR/1.3x Blitzball - CSB/BSB2
Bartz - Lifesiphon R5/Engulfing Quadstrike R4 - LM2/LMR/1.4x Spellblade - USB
Yuffie - Stitch in Time R2/Raging Waters R4 - LM2/LMR/1.4x Ninja - Glint/ASB
Tyro - Wrath R5/Entrust R3 - LMR/Dr Mog - USB3
Relm - Curada R3 - LM1/LM2/Mako Might - USB

Probably can get a better time by cutting out lifesiphon, but want to get the SBs up faster, especially chain.
FFRK RW: Forbidden Wisdom - DBof
DFFOO: Cloud NT Buster (Organics passive) 530396574

User Info: bennex

11 months ago#422
Interesting... 32.42s

11 seconds faster than with my last setup and if Bartz wouldn't have been interrupted right before his finishing move it would be sub30. It still relies on a lot of double casts, so i will get better magicite before trying again

Tidus, LM2, LMR (OSB): Saphire Shot - Scholar's Boon
Bartz, LM2, LM1 (WaterBSB, USB, OSB): Lifesiphon, Engulfing Quadstrike - Much more water damage
Shelke, LM2: Wrath, Entrust - MM
Relm, LM2, LM1 (USB): Curada, Shellga - TGM
Ramza, LM2, LM1 (BSB2): Wrath, Entrust - Dr. Mog

Magicite: Kraken, Gizamaluke, Silver Dragon, Krytsa, Ixion

Tidus uses Saphire Shot, OSB only if instant
Bartz: LS --> BSB --> USB --> Quadstrike, OSB right before the end
Shelke: Wrath, Wrath --> Entrust Bartz; aftar that Entrusting Tidus
Relm: Summons Wall --> Shellga --> Curada --> wait to be entrusted --> USB --> Magicite; after that USB when ready, Curada when not
Ramza: BSB --> entrusting Relm

Well, the fight is obviously supposed to be over after 25 seconds, but that will need more luck or a better magicite deck.

User Info: BigG777

11 months ago#423
So I have no healer USBs, no chain, and no Edge/Raijin SSB. Any tips? Cause I am ready to give up. Current party is

Tidus (fully dived) lifesiphon, sapphire shot. USB, OSB, BSB2 LMR (aka everything but that damn chain!)
Bartz (fully dived) lifesiphon, engulfing waterstrike, USB, LMR
Y’shola (fully dived) curada, shellga, BSB, gathering storm
Yuffie (fully dived) RF, RW, USB2
Ramza, wrath, entrust, USB, shout

Biggest problem is once he gets low on HP he goes nuts with the savage firagas which hurt like hell when your team has maxed out imperil fire on. I guess I should swap someone out for another healer or something.

My reserves are
Eiko and Deuce with BSBs
Selphie with SSB (magic blink might help?)
Alph with SSB ( radiant shield and he can help a bit with healing I guess?)
Shelke fully dived (battery)
Minfillia SSB and Gordon BSB ( my only sources of last stand though I’m not sure what other use these two might have.)

So yeah advise please. Ugh I feel like DeNA has screwed me out of being able to do any high end content.

User Info: ChillGamer

11 months ago#424
My 2nd 4* clear! Sub50 mastery too!

Tidus (CSB, OSB, BSB1, SSB) - Sapphire Shot, Sapphire Shot - DMT
Bartz (USB) - Engulfing Quadstrike, Engulfing Quadstrike - Small chance for spellblade dc
Ramza (BSB2, LMR) - Wrath, Entrust - MM
Rosa (USB, BSB) - Wrath, Shellga - Ace Striker
Selphie (USB, SSB) - Curaja, Protectga - Battleforged
RW: Wall

User Info: raoxi

11 months ago#425
@BigG777 how hard hav u pulled on banner 1 and all the healer LDs?

User Info: BigG777

11 months ago#426
I skipped banner 1 since I already had Marche USB and OK mUSB. Decided to go all out on banner 5 for at least a chain. 3 pulls and all I managed to get was Yuffie USB2.

Been pulling on all healer LDs but still no USB. I will be pulling on the current healer LD once I get enough mythril but I wont get my hopes up lol.

User Info: Houjix1138

11 months ago#427
I just have to say rng was kind to me on this one since I don't use Kreeper. It only took 12 runs to get 4 of each with one extra Marilis. Midgarsomr took closer to 22-23 runs before my fourth Earth guardian dropped.
FFRK - 9m4D - History's Truth - Ramza USB

User Info: bennex

11 months ago#428
@BigG777 it might work out, if you use a second healer instead of only one. Eiko for the critical boost or Selphie for the magical blink sound both good. For 3* I used Alphinaud as backup healer, but I doubt that will be enough in 4*
What main magicite are you using? Enki and Bismarck can both help with the incoming damage. Gizamaluke too, if you can beat Kraken first. It could also be worth trying to level a second Liquid Flame and inherit dampen fire to the first one (or, of course to Gizamaluke again, if you can beat Kraken)

User Info: ShadowZeroPD

11 months ago#429
Alright, with fest basically over I decided to take my new water team out for a whirl.

Tidus - Sapphire Shot/Sapphire Shot - USB/+30% water damage/Tidus LMR
Yuffie - Raging Waters/Stich in Time - GSB/USB2/AOSB/+30% throwing damage/Tidus LMR
OK - Wrath/Entrust (to Eiko) - pUSB/MM
Shelke - Wrath/Entrust (first to Yuffie, later on to Tidus) - DMT
Eiko - Curada/Shellga - USB/Battleforged

Magicite: Enkidu

Finished in 27.41 (down from 51.41) which marks my first sub 30.

In comparison my Liquid Flame time with the same team (other than accessories) is 17.88.
Most trustable Swede on the net.

User Info: ShinUltima

11 months ago#430

Are you trying to sub-30 or just win?

If you're just trying to win, swap out Bartz for Selphie w/ SSB. If your DPS is on point, the Savage Firagas are scripted, including two in a row when she hits 40%, and you'll definitely need to heal between to avoid getting wiped out.

If you're trying to sub-30, you definitely have the DPS for it, but you're right in that surviving is an issue. Do you have another boostga/hastega?
ShinUltima - The Right Arm of Scrub Voltron
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