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  3. Iris, Lightning or Bartz LMR for 2nd dream selection?

User Info: omgitstim222

11 months ago#11
After much consideration I actually went with the 2nd most popular Lightning LMR. It's one of my weaker elements and since my Bartz is already a powerhouse with dualcast spellblades, I can live without triple cast 1/10 times.

Lightning is also one of my weakest elements and although triple cast would apply to TQS, I'd rather have another dedicated DPS rather than boosting an already super strong DPS. I will likely end up taking Bartz LMR in the 3rd anniversary selection though if I don't pull it between now and then randomly
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User Info: Ivyprofen

11 months ago#12
Bartz is amazing. Dc healing is nice. But meh I'm okay with Yshtola as my LD healer, since she has Wall as well.

User Info: ChocoboMog123

11 months ago#13
Bartz' is a bit overrated outside of fishing for RNG on speedruns. His LM1 applies to chases, so it boosts his USB and LM2 damage. On average, if you're JUST spamming Spellblades, his LMR boosts his damage by ~20% (~15% if you factor in LM2), while his LM1 increases his damage by ~13% (if I'm remembering his dive correctly). If you use any SB's, it just pushes his LM1 ahead. But, this is on average - sometimes his LMR might be a 50% boost.

I feel like Lightning's LMR really boosts her staying power. Not sure about Iris.
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  3. Iris, Lightning or Bartz LMR for 2nd dream selection?
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