who is your final fantasy waifu

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User Info: lolamericans

1 month ago#1
you can only have one

User Info: Ol_Uncle_Gagnon

1 month ago#2
Gotta be Celes. She was the OG for me.

And what a story. She knew the empire needed to be stppped despite being a general. Nobody trusted her on either side until finally she proved her loyalty.

And after all that she had to put on her boss pants after the apocalypse and bring the team back together. She was the true mvp of ff6
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User Info: Justagenius

1 month ago#3
Yuna. Cos waifu
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anyoneandeveryone 1 month ago#4

Can't sort out her personal life, but regularly slays gods and outlives universes.
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User Info: AcenJay

1 month ago#5
Aw, only one? Would have to be Yuna then.
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User Info: Ladysoalluring

1 month ago#6
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User Info: Reb2323

1 month ago#7
Tifa :)
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User Info: corrente

1 month ago#8
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User Info: Uiru

1 month ago#9


User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#10
I wouldn't use the term waifu, but favorite female is Celes :P

@Uiru posted...


Look at you and your harem tsk tsk
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