Dissidia NT Open Beta Starts Today

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User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

3 months ago#1
I had almost forgotten about this so I thought I'd toss out the info for anyone interested. To find it just go to New Games and it's right under the Pre-Orders. You can still participate even if you don't have PS+. I'm still downloading it so I don't have any first impressions quite yet.

Off-topic/Personal s*** Below
And while I'm here I might as well tell y'all that I'm probably done with RK. I'm using my recent s*** luck as an excuse to gtfo. It's been a fun ride but after 2+ years I think it's time for me to move on to other stuffs.

For fear of leaving anyone out, I'll just say that I had a ton of fun discussing this game and other things with some of the ppl on this board. Y'all know who you are. If any Keepers want to add me on PSN my handle is ShinobiZ.
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User Info: Desclipse369

3 months ago#2
My dad’s getting me a PS4 soon. :)

Ah, that’s suck. Kinda weird to see another common name gone. Good Luck with everything else!
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anyoneandeveryone 3 months ago#3
It seems weird to do a "beta" for a game that comes out in two weeks.

I'll grab it when I get home. It's a good chance to see if I should keep my preorder too.

Add you when I get home from the office.

OK USB was my eject point as well. I don't like anything coming down the line, and I'd honestly rather get into game dev myself than keep enthralled by a DeNA who doesn't give a s*** about global anyway. Feed me all the lines about being sympathetic/emphatic to a corporation and I'll shove my boot up your ass.

I thought about scrounging for two more pulls, as it would be a simple task, but when I started the OK event, I saw that they were full trash-mob stage battles, a la Realms dungeons. The prospect of grinding to, in all likelihood, pull 1/11 Arc LMR twice is too much.

It was fun, and this community is really great, but I'm out.
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
3 months ago#4
Cool, good to know.

Sorry to see you go.
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User Info: Rman0099

3 months ago#5
I don't own any current gen consoles so I won't be playing any DisNT.

I hope the road forward sees you well.
Space for rent........
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User Info: Faroth

3 months ago#6
It’s hard to read those words coming from two frequent players. I really hope the best for the both of you.
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User Info: corrente

3 months ago#7
Sorry to see you two go. Good luck in all things going forward!

Open beta huh? Can I access with a physical pre-order?
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User Info: unknown081

3 months ago#8
Ugh now I want a ps4 of my own...

And see you around elsewhere I guess
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User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#9
Booooo that you guys are leaving here but you def gotta do what you gotta do! Take care guys!

@Lvl9999Prinny sent ya a request from Jandaila on PSN. I won't actually be online until after I get the physical game (went through Square Enix and they always come after release day lol) but sending a request now. Forgot to add that in the request note lol.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

3 months ago#10
Prinny? AND anyoneandeveryone? It won't be the same without you guys.
...But, do what you have to do. You're free. Go. Don't look back.

And NT online beta, huh... I don't really enjoy online fighting games, personally. I always go in feeling like I'll be judged for every mistake I make, lol. And I generally just like the predictability of single-player anyway. (I guess NT's focus is online multiplayer, isn't it? Unfortunate for me if so, I might just skip it then.)
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