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  3. new daily dungeons rock!

User Info: Vanta2007

1 year ago#1
just picked up 7 major wind orbs !!!! for only 80 stamania ....

that was 1 magic pot on the first 40, 2 magic pots on the second + 1 normal dude droped a major and then over 10 greateres for another 1 :)

sooo much better than the old dungeons, and i remember i use to spam the "old fest" hard core during the wind phase....

it wasnt even close to this level of awesome.

thanks dena good move!

Happy New Year!

God Bless you all! May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you :)

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User Info: Inkontrol808

1 year ago#2
I got 3 Wind Crystals and probably 16 greater wind orbs on 200 stam earlier too. Pretty solid if you ask me.

User Info: _Sanaki_

1 year ago#3
Yeah, it seems really solid compared to the old ones.
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User Info: MegaZzZeux

1 year ago#4
Wish I could enjoy those more...but unfortunately Motes are a higher priority at the moment.
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User Info: LuBu1975

1 year ago#5
I pretty much only do the Crystal dungeons but i usually get 2 or 3 per 100 stamina. I'm happy with 1 per run, anything more is a big bonus. At the same time i get plenty of 3* and 4* orbs to convert into Majors. Got nearly 1000 of each 4* type.

User Info: shadestreet

1 year ago#6
Been 500 stamina since I have seen a crystal.

Posting here because that usually solves the issue.

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User Info: Vanta2007

1 year ago#7
you know, i just had a bad run myself, no majors at all, but even then, the 15 greater's i got still add up to 1.5 majors, so even worst case, i still get a major out of it, and sometimes best case is 7 majors.

it all evens out over time i guess.

User Info: turn_based

1 year ago#8
The new dailies, the experience, and the motes are extremely useful, agreed. I don't feel like I'm wasting stamina at all
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User Info: Simonides

1 year ago#9
I haven't touched the Major orb ones other than first-time complete (I still actually prefer Torment to take RNG out of the equation), but the crystal ones have been great!

Today I harvested 12 Earth Crystals in 900 stamina (9 runs) which has given me enough for both Meltdown R4 and Allegro Con Moto R2. In total I think I've gotten 30+ from drops since this opened up.

Too bad I still need another 83 for the other 6* abilities I want to hone, but this is a great start and meets my goal of what I wanted prior to 4* Magicite arriving. If I can keep up the pace, I'll have my earth crystal needs covered by the end of next month.
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