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User Info: SacredX

1 year ago#1
If you could buff a heavily underused ability to make it viable, how would you go about it? Whether it be a potency change, function change, etc.

I've thought of a few:

Penalty Snipe - Imperil <element> counts as a status effect.

Unfortunately every boss worth talking about is immune to every status effect, although occasionally one will have a single vulnerability. Realistically in this DPS Elemental meta Penalty Snipe will fall short in many ways. Machinists are supposed to inflict various status effects on the enemy, and recently Imperil Element has been one of them. Allowing Penalty Snipe so synergize with those abilities, or more likely Imperil Element SBs/LMs, the skill can become occasionally more viable even if it's still a little on the low end thanks to being NE.

Quadruple Foul - Potency adjustment. Deals increased damage for every immunity the enemy has against Blind/Silence/Sleep/Poison.

Similar to Penalty Snipe, Quadruple Foul is worthless in the current meta. The take I've done on this is fairly odd in the way the enemy is being punished for being immune to something. It would need a lower base potency to make up for the fact almost every boss will be hit with its max potency potential. This gives Supports a decent DPS option. Generally speaking if you want DPS you're probably not going to be bringing a Support meaning this ability will still suck. But if, for whatever reason, you need extra DPS on your Support then this should help. Having a fairly weak potency if the boss is vulnerable to all four is fine, the boss will have other things to worry about at that point.

Crushdown - KO chance removed. Base crit rate increase.

Crushdown really isn't too bad of an ability, but those Power Crystals are usually better off somewhere else. The KO portion of Crushdown is almost worthless in every scenario, again tying in with Penalty Snipe and Quadruple Foul. Giving it a base crit rate of 25% or 50% could make it more appealing.

Northern Cross - Minor potency decrease, Wind-elemental.

Yet again an ability is punished because it gives up damage for status effects which DeNA refuses to make useful, so in most cases this ability is worthless when compared to Dervish. Giving it an elemental options while reducing its potency by roughly 20% could make it viable in this elemental meta.

Sky High - Deals more damage for each ally performing a jump attack removed. Deals more damage for each ally with Dragoon access added.

This is a much more realistic approach to the ability since it's almost impossible to make use of its max potency potential. Still won't be used in many cases since 5* Dragoon abilities are close enough and the Crystals are likely to be spent elsewhere, but this was the best thing I could think of aside from making it dual elemental with Lightning as the secondary or tertiary element.

Demonsblood - Grants High Retaliate.

Of all the abilities I mentioned, this one is one of the least likely to need a buff; even I use it semi regularly. The gain of High Retaliate may require a minor potency decrease.


I think that's enough. I'm sure a few of these are bad and clouded with personal bias, but I think a fair amount are realistic. Although the majority of these issues could be alleviated if DeNA decided to make strategy viable again via status effects, but it's looking grim in that regard.

How about you? If you could balance some abilities, what changes would you suggest?
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User Info: drg3

1 year ago#2
Penalty snipe and quad foul are a mess due to immunities, I don’t think they are salvageable aside from the odd gimmick fight that wouldn’t be enough to hone/create them. (I kept an R1 pen snipe jic). Their guiding principle just doesn’t fly. While what you suggest would improve them, it wouldn’t make them desirable.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

1 year ago#3
Go ahead and boost physical darkness skills. Crimson Cross 5 hits and Sanguine Cross. Or just kick the base multiplyer up. Recoil dmg on these isn’t unbearable but the magic side has literally no drawbacks.

Dragoon skills could use a boost too. High crit chance would be nice. Trade air time for hit count kinda like witch maybe.

Samurai in general needs help. More elemental coverage I dunno...
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 year ago#4
Crimson Cross: Boost to 5 hits

For Quadruple Foul, I would just accept that it's an ability that would never be used in end-game content. Personally, I would raise its status potency to 100% so that I have guaranteed means of hitting those status ailments in the rare instance I need/want to do so.
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User Info: poqwerty1234

1 year ago#5
What is High Retaliate? How is it different from normal retaliate?

User Info: dye2556

1 year ago#6
Make high end bosses that valuable to status effects should be enough for most abilities to shine.
But not break the game. E.g. Make boss that can be silienced but not give it all magic moves. Or make it another move sets that can use only when silenced.

User Info: KnightLordST

1 year ago#7
Hell Thunder / Abyssal Shards
- Deals 8 hits
- Reduce CT from 2.6 down to 2.2
- Change Multiplier to almost the same as Chain-spells of Black Magic

They should create Dark and Fire versions of Witch as well. I feel as if Matoya will re-revolutionize Witch Meta.

User Info: EchoNull

1 year ago#8
4* Darkmoon

Rarity -> 6*
Silence chance -> 100%
Non-elemental -> Dark/Non-elemental
1 hit AoE -> 2 hits AoE
Multiplier -> appropriate for 6* niche, no status penalty since nothing gets utterly shut down by Silence any more.
Name -> Silent Night

I want to see this animation more often.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

1 year ago#9
poqwerty1234 posted...
What is High Retaliate? How is it different from normal retaliate?

20% stronger and Combat (can be dualcast).

Witch obviously needs serious help. Chain Xga's are 46% stronger with 70% of the cast time. Shantotto doublecasting Witch moves, without any speed modifiers, is only 16% stronger than just straight casting Chain spells (and expending more hones to do so).
Monk moves are also in a weird spot. Fires Within is stronger than Spellblades, but the rush moves are only as strong as Fires Within with a Crit Damage boost. Monk move to monk move, the rush skills need to be 3 or 3.1 to compete with Fires Within, which is really only a 4/8% buff. They'd be much better than Spellblades, but I think that's ok given the characters. We could really use some good Earth skills.
It's not talked about much, but Knight moves on their own are also getting behind the curve. You basically need to pair two moves to be competitive, but don't really gain that much for it. Would it be so bad for Saint's Cross to be 3 hits?
I think summons are just kinda bad. Fewer hones for a higher multiplier and fewer hits? Hard to hone up all the summons, too. Unless it's AOE, if you're using summons, there's probably something better you could be doing.
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

1 year ago#10
Northern Cross can be fixed by making it Non-elemental/Ice.
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