What USB's do you have that are just collecting dust?

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User Info: superchibideath

3 months ago#101
EchoNull posted...
@superchibideath posted...
I actually don't have THAT many USBs
Has over 2x as many as me.


You would hate my friend. I swear every time I've watched him do a pull there's at least one disco. He has USBs for like 5 different healers and for characters I want. So frustrating. So I might be looking at this from a slightly tinted perspective. :/

Moogle_trainer posted...
@superchibideath what is your Vincent set up? Been wanting to do a fire mage team and I have his USB and LMR. Haven't seen anyone else really use him though

Kinda depends on the fight. I mean I don't use him OFTEN but any time it calls for fire damage I'll grab him and give him a pair of +fire dmg things with usually Wrath and Meltdown/Ruby Spark. Usually Wrath up his USB and then spam Meltdown/Ruby Spark. Probably not an ideal situation but it's done ok for me so far.
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User Info: EchoNull

3 months ago#102
I mean, I'm happy for you and your friend. Just sad for me. 6 months of no USBs sucked, and Lion doesn't help much.

Insert "IF I HAD ONE" meme.
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User Info: Simonides

3 months ago#103
I actually don't have any USBs that I don't use at all; everything, even Squall's USB (against JS Ruby Dragon), sees use one place or another.

Perhaps the closest one for me is Lenna's USB; it's not bad, but I have better triple-buff and/or healer USBs to use. I did use it on my first sub-30 Liquid Flame clear though, so it has a certain fondness for me. Firion's is a close second, but I've used it a few times for fun. He really needs Knight 5 in his kit.

Well, now that I think about it, I never use Tyro's USB2, if that counts.

@EchoNull reminds me of my experience with SSBs... I got by on Tyro's SLG against Ultimates for the longest time and didn't pick up my first SSB until the buggy Valiant Knife on the first Tactics banner, well after BSBs came out.
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User Info: ao_bomber

3 months ago#104
Vanille USB. Proshellga+Astra+2K is a bit too situational especially for a char with no LS/Wrath access. Especially since I have her BSB and even her ether SSB has cases where its useful.

Funny enough, Cecil USB gets more use, since his USB grants +DEF and EnHoly which makes him an Ideal Guardbringer user.
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User Info: Thaxagoodname

3 months ago#105
Cloud USB - Used it maybe 5 times since I pulled it last fest. Cloud trivializing the game isnt fun.
Firion USB - Use it very often. Holy weak boss, samurai skill weak boss, also for beating <D180 bosses
Squall USB - Use it often. Frost Strike is at R3. Use it for most AOE fights and some ice weak bosses.
Ramza USB - Use it extremely often. Probably on par with Shout in usage. Starting to show its age tho
Sephiroth USB - Use it often. Main DPS in Mist Dragon sub 30 along with OSB.
Rikku USB - If I'm not using Ramza, it's Rikku. Seriously probably top 3 used SBs since I've started.
Aerith USB - Use it almost never anymore. Sees CM use. If she had either BSB she'd be dived though.
Vanille USB - Never used for anything relevant yet. Cant trust her to use gauge for anything but healing
Faris USB1 - Used to use it often. I prefer my debuffs and buffs to come from one character i.e Ramza
Faris USB2 - Used once or twice. Sorry I had Zidane BSB first and he can self buff better than you Faris
Edward USB - Use it very often. He completely kicked Papy to the side, unless I absolutely need DPS.
Mog USB - Use it often. Off healer until new dances come out. Wish he had Support 4 but he's fine
Rydia USB - Use it very often. My only en-water. Dived with LMR so she's on most magic teams too.
Tyro USB1 - Used to use it often, but I got Larsa and Iris BSBs. Doesn't help that he's missing Wall.
Tyro USB2 - Use it seldom. Mostly Crystal Towers for Haste and buffs, but same problem as before

Wish I had as many USBs to not use as everyone else.
IGN: Bell FC: 0344-9828-2704

User Info: Jack-ums

3 months ago#106
Let's see. This is a good exercise in more ways than one... I don't keep track of my SBs any more, so Idk what I even have. Let's list the USBs first:

Faris USB1

Jesus, do I only have those 7? Actually that sounds right. My best chances at more (6*+ LD last Fest and Black Friday), neither netted me a USB. So I'm still chugging through content, just with less firepower.

Thankfully, quantity is not the same as quality. While I'd love Tidus, Butz, Edge, and plenty of others, the stars here are Terra and Cloud, and I'm happy to have them.

As for who collects dust? Noct and Faris, for sure. But they are great for crystal tower and other content that requires creative teambuilding.

Really hoping the next Fest helps me out, with lots of USB and chains (have 2: WoL and Shantotto).

Edit: oops totally have Edward as well. And I use it often for mage meta!

User Info: Da_Pirate_Kazan

3 months ago#107
I think the only USBs I use are Terra's and Mog's. I also use Delita's, but its the only viable SSB anyways that I have for him.

I have Zidane's and while I use it for Golem, I unequip it everywhere else. If I'm using Zidane to begin with.

I have USB's for Curilla, Squall, and... Firion, I think.

I find them a little underwhelming in terms of SB gauge to power. I'd almost rather an OSB with significant stat increases for 2 gauges just to make it somewhat worthwhile to chase.

User Info: KilluaxGonx

3 months ago#108
I don't mean to brag, but I just had to post this:

My USBs:

Bartz USB
Lion USB
Cloud USB
Lightning USB
Curilla USB
Paine USB
Terra USB
Firion USB
Squall USB
Shadow USB
Vaan USB
Rikku USB
Aerith USB
Yuna USB
Vivi USB
Faris USB2
Fran USB
Setzer USB
Alphinaud USB
Tyro USB2
Prompto USB
Gilgamesh USB

Keep in mind I'm FTP, so I didn't know I had so many! I don't even use 30% of that s***. Like @FedEx_Corp and @raoxi I stay with my Vaan + Cloud 90% of the time.
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User Info: Rman0099

3 months ago#109
Collecting dust? These don't see the use they should....

Pennelo USB
Aerith USB
Relm USB
Eiko USB
Firion USB
Tyro USB
Pecil USB
Seifer USB
Agrias USB
Noctis USB
Zell USB
Selphie USB
Shantotto USB
Gilgamesh USB
Steiner USB

So....most of the ones that I have...lol. I always end up using the same ones on the same chars.

Regular use are Butz, Faris 1/2, Deuce, Ace, and Cloud.
Space for rent........
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User Info: Neo Zekele

Neo Zekele
3 months ago#110
Moogle_trainer posted...
So I've seen many people salty about pulling Steiner's USB because of it mediocrity made me look at my USB's that are bad or just never used by me.

I pulled Shantotto's but my lack of desire to hone witch abilities made it a dud to me.

Vincent's is burning a hole in my pocket. I don't do much with mages and without his BSB didn't have much to use with him.

Just got Vanilles and Garnets. Not sure if I'll use either that much. Especially since I chose Vanilles BSB in the selection banner a little while back.

I have Setzer and Exdeaths and don't use them much but still have their uses and are fun against certain bosses.

Just fyi, all you need to make Vincent's USB good is Meltdown or Chain Firaga. His bsb commands are kind of s*** tbh

That being said, my USBs collecting dust are:

FC: 1907 - 9209 - 1140
Pokemon Y: Newbie
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