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User Info: Inakari

4 months ago#1
Who to dive first - Results (88 votes)
35.23% (31 votes)
64.77% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am truely torn on which of these two to dive first. I currently only have 137 dex motes, so only have enough for one. Any help with this decision would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to voice their opinion.
Lord of Nightmares 4 months ago#2
Probably Cloud, although I'd strongly suggest that you get OD to R3 ASAP.

Alternative, if you have enough major orbs for it, try honing Full Charge to R3 or 4, it's not quite as good as OD due to the longer CT but it's still a great substitute if you lack the hones for the latter.

User Info: pjotr2007

4 months ago#3
Do you have other good water options?
Personally I would go Cloud for the NE aspect, but Tidus can wreak havoc on anything not water immune too. Decisions, decisions..
Just flip a coin...good luck
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User Info: Sh4D0w D3m0N

Sh4D0w D3m0N
4 months ago#4

At least he will be useful in magicites with his usb. Unfortunately no csb or lmr but you can just cast usb and sapphire shot spam and osb when you have more sb points (bsb2 is instant but you won't cap 100k against living magicite without the chain)

You're missing clouds enwind sb so he's basically only non elemental dmg at this point. All the non magicite content can be cleared by any dps rw cloud usb on them, so I'd dive tidus first

User Info: KnightLordST

4 months ago#5
Cloud is great at NE damage and anywhere that is RW locked.

But Tidus is a lot faster with his Insta-casts and Cloud USB is often better as an RW. I often find that Cloud himself is too slow.
I'd go with Tidus, he is top tier with just his USB. You also have his bsb2 as an Icing.

User Info: kwonshin

4 months ago#6
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User Info: Majik85

4 months ago#7
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User Info: ExirE111

4 months ago#8
Tidus because you don’t have Cloud’s bsb2. Even if you did, you’d need R3 OD. Even if you had R3 OD, your damage would just limited to that.

User Info: LuBu1975

4 months ago#9
They're both top characters both in FF in general and ffrk but i have to go with Cloud. For general use he's still the number 1 guy. Tidus is great too but when i used him in the recent jumpstart his damage wasn't great (fully LDed with USB/BSB2). He's more for specific fights and probably needs CSB to shine.

Bottom line is they're both superior characters and you should dive them both asap. They're my top 2 dps atm and i have Squall and Bartz fully dived too. Bartz is the least useful fyi. If we could one time undo a dive i'd probably undo his.

User Info: kwonshin

4 months ago#10
LuBu1975 posted...
Tidus is great too but when i used him in the recent jumpstart his damage wasn't great (fully LDed with USB/BSB

In JS, you RW Cloud USB. Nothing gonna survive Tidus fueled With Soldier EX. Okay, Water Immune enemy....
Friendly reminder that Real Madrid is still officially The Best Club In The World.

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