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User Info: Lord Bob Bree

Lord Bob Bree
3 months ago#61
Dunno if I'll draw here or wait for TGC. I'm disappointed at Namner 3, though. Gaff USB looks interesting, but the surrounding banner is not good.
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User Info: ao_bomber

3 months ago#62
Banner 1 gets 150 mythril, easy. Only dupe is Meliadoul BSB, but pretty much everything else is very useful.

I also have a hard time justifying waiting for the TGC banner over the FFTA banner when the TGC banner is dangerously close to the 3rd Anniversary fest (which has even crazier stuff). Plus, I plan to chase Bartz BSB4 since it is clear we will not be getting KC3.
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User Info: MajorMahalo1

3 months ago#63
I don't know if I'm pulling here or not. There's nothing I really need, so I'm thinking of just skipping it and hoping for the best.
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User Info: SaintTweeter

3 months ago#64
Might make a pull here on 1. Mainly want the Ramza LMR/BSB2 or Agrias stuff. Only 2 dupes, Ramza USB and SSB.Will probably just end up with Marche LMRs and SSBs. As good as Marche USB is its not what I'm after either.
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User Info: SolitaireD

3 months ago#65
I know I've said a lot about Ramza's LMR already, but I missed out a huge one.

It makes micromanaging a ton easier. Especially in JS/Magicites with fixed opening ATB.
Usually you have 2~3 characters queued up with full ATB, and input lag makes things inefficient.
Well Ramza removes himself from that problem.
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User Info: ShinUltima

3 months ago#66
While there's lots of great stuff here, the only thing I would really want from here is Ramza USB because that's the only good thing here that isn't on TGC USB banner 1. I have 2/14 dupe percentage on both banners, so I might as well just wait for TGC USB, though that one is rather close to Third Anniversary.
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User Info: MrchillyZ

3 months ago#67
Between getting screwed on the lucky draw or this banner...I prefer getting screwed on this banner:

1 pull

Between succeding on TGC banner or This banner.... I prefer TGC banner:

3+ pulls

Math is soo easy when you dont have the mythril for it to be a problem

User Info: chooky33

3 months ago#68
Hmm, I have Ramza USB but have already dived Shelke. How much room for speed entrusters (neither of whom has hastega!) do I have in a party?

User Info: jeffheng

3 months ago#69
can confirm if marche quickcast also applies to himself?
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User Info: Majik85

3 months ago#70
So does banner one come up Wed at 8 or Thurs at 8?
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