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User Info: Rpgsrock213

4 months ago#241
Got 2/11

Ramza's USB and LMR!

Might try a second pull later for another chance at Marche stuff (or is it better to just wait till Cid's USB banner?)

Btw.. I also have Ramza's shout, and chant, should he be a permanent member on a physical team?
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User Info: MrchillyZ

4 months ago#242
100 gem

100 gem FFTA


Huh would you look at that...glad I did not quit this game :-)

User Info: Jinishi

4 months ago#243

wut....4/11 + gem

EIGHT Defenders...but eventually got some key things.

Marche: 8 Defenders, Burglar Sword, Linen Cuirass, Bronze Helm
Ramza: Genji Gloves, Sasuke Blade
Agrias: Durandal

User Info: Sceptile01

4 months ago#244
Pulled twice, mainly want Agrias stuff and the top relics

Pull 1: 5/11!!! Only my second ever time I got that, last was April 2016! 1 disco which is Marche's Usb (not Ramza dupe!) and Ramza Ssb2 (wanted this!), Marche Ssb, Agrias Lmr (Yes!!!) and Marche Lmr.

I could stop here since I would have 7 dupes but I had 2 pulls budgeted so pulled anyway for the chance at Agrias Usb/Ramza Bsb2/Ramza Lmr

Pull 2: 2/11, Agrias Lmr and Marche Ssb dupes. Not disappointed though since pull 1 was all I needed really.

Some really nice pulls in this topic, congrats to all those who got them!

User Info: Shale0

4 months ago#245
Three pulls, zero USBs. Ramza burst 2 and LMR, Marche SSB and LMR x2. The Ramza kit is great, but I'm fighting the urge to pull again for the top prizes...
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User Info: m0rningstar

4 months ago#246
Rushed through the event to get my 50 for one pull here.

Ramza SSB dupe
Marche SSB

Glad I hurried to make this pull :/

I guess after getting Tidus' and Ingus' CSBs I was bound for a s*** draw
"I don't know what its called, I just know the sound it makes when it takes a man's life"- Sgt Four Leaf

User Info: shaselai

4 months ago#247
got 50 left... should i bother pulling one more time?
2 x 11 pull 2 x 3 pull got only Linen, dupe chant, ramza materia

User Info: Dalkaen

4 months ago#248
Urgh. I'm sitting at 48 mythril and basically no stamina. So on tilt right now.
FFRK: 51Rf (Agrias Holy Blade OSB)
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User Info: ao_bomber

4 months ago#249
Marche USB
Marche BSBx2

Ramza BSB2

Guess I'm gonna retire early from this banner.
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User Info: Axel7174

4 months ago#250
Godric1696 posted...
Axel7174 posted...
Wow. I went from happy and excited to pure rage in like 30 seconds...

1st pull:
3/11- Agrias USB, Marche SSB, Agrias LMR

2nd pull:
2/11 - Agrias LMR (x2)

3rd pull:
2/11 - Agrias LMR (x2)

Nope. Not joking. That just ******* happened.


@Axel7174 I learned from my Deuce fiasco to stop pulling when life gives you LMR’s. I have enough feathered hats for us all lol

Ugh, right? I mean I got the first one on the first pull... ok great! 2nd pull two more. Damn... really? Ugh, ok fine, one more (I had budgeted 3 max). To get TWO MORE of the EXACT same relic I just got two of previously? That's incredible RNG but in a bad way.

Ugh. I don't think I should rage pull but it's possible. Might cost me for fest later but...
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"Tonight's the night we silence you, there's nowhere left to run." ~ADTR
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