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User Info: dracostreex

5 months ago#341
saving myths in te regular account
pulled in the alternate
1/11 braska ssb

i wont bother in regular lol

User Info: ao_bomber

5 months ago#342

Jecht OSB (dupe)
Umaro BSB
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User Info: Caissas_Angel

5 months ago#343
ril1597 posted...
I got Shadow's USB and BSB , also Umaro BSB as bonus . Quite good i'd say.

Very, very good! Shadow is incredible physical dark DPS, and instantly diveable based on that.
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User Info: LuBu1975

5 months ago#344
Phagey posted...
I got 4/11 with no dupe, so why do I feel disappointed?
Shadow BSB
Kimahri BSB
Hope BSB1
Wakka SSB

Probably the only thing that would be useful here is Shadow BSB, this will be my first relic for him (no USB). Dunno what to think about Kimahri, I've been wanting a water relic and here it is, my very first one, but why does it have to be on a character with a crappy skill set? Hope BSB1 probably would be nice if I hadn't already had his BSB2 and well, Raines.

I guess the fact that the draw had so much USB/CSB that I missed is what pissed me off.

Am I being unreasonable?

I'm in a similar boat. I got 4/11 no dupes but was slightly disappointed due to no USB. I'd rather get 1 top relic than 4 that won't make most teams (I don't think i've ever gotten a top relic in an LD). Anyway here's what i got:

Celes OSB - Not sure how highly this is rated.
Shadow BSB - Happy with this cos it's his first relic.
Sabin SSB - Healing armlet so pretty useless for him.
Braska SSB - Got all 3 of his from LDs although they're wasted on me since I rarely use mage teams.

User Info: FourceMD

5 months ago#345
3/11 and I'm disappointed.

Cyan SSB2
Locke SSB1
Locke BSB

I don't think I've ever pulled on a banner that featured either of the Locke relics and now I have a 7* copy of both. The katana is completely worthless.
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User Info: Xenogears

5 months ago#346
Late as usual.

1/11 - Rikku BSB

Dodged all the awesome s*** as usual.
Monsters have gathered.

User Info: Lord Bob Bree

Lord Bob Bree
5 months ago#347
1/11 Terra BSB

Welp, a fool and his mythril are soon parted.
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User Info: Nameless-Ace

5 months ago#348
Pulled with 25 myth.
2 6* and 1 kefka bsb.
The 2 6 stars were dupe tidus osb(oh well have a maxed out water native synergy sword), and vanille usb. A usb and bsb i didnt have is 25 myth well spent. Nothing i truly needed but im still grateful.
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Rikku usb rw eGa2
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