Some renewal dungeons just aren't worth the stamina.

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  3. Some renewal dungeons just aren't worth the stamina.

User Info: Twilight2407

6 months ago#21
Another thing to consider (if you haven't already) - any 5* ability reward that you want, but haven't made yet is equivalent to 22 major orbs.
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User Info: mazurka

6 months ago#22
kwonshin posted...
All I can say is DeNA graceful enough to give you 2nd chance. Now just because it took Stamina issue and skipped it for strategic purpose? Oh no way. I am thankful of this and will do everything. But it's just me.

Definitely strategic for me:

But should have almost everything cleared as a result (while maintining the most efficient use of stamina and mythril refreshes). Thankfully only a few events have had inefficient no-crystals + massive stamina cost combos.
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User Info: Sabberzombie

6 months ago#23
Thanks for the accessory list!
I've pretty much given up after I realized I forgot to do the XV event over doing all of those Renewal events. Guess I'm already waiting for the next Renewal to bring back that event so I can finish it. XD
I think I'll just grab the things I want most and ignore the rest from now on.

User Info: Jiek_Fafn

6 months ago#24
I have 2-3 events that I wasn't around for in most realms. I'm starting to get burnt out at this point so I'm starting to only go for the mithril. I just don't have the rl stamina to do everything.
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User Info: ao_bomber

6 months ago#25
I'm only going for the really important drops (like the Gigas Armlet and Instant KO resist items since those are very, very rare) and the Mithril ofc.

The upcoming dailies revamp will make getting the orbs and even crystals from the elite dungeons unnecessary and since they don't reward mithril anyway (and cost a good amount of STAM), I think I can afford to skip on many of them.
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  3. Some renewal dungeons just aren't worth the stamina.

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