FFI Renewal Relic Draw

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User Info: Target_Master

6 months ago#81
Need FFI synergy but... the future Thief banners are stacked and aside from the current renewal events I can't foresee a need for synergy in that realm.

Plus 2 dupes and only like 6 wants. Will pass.
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User Info: Axel7174

6 months ago#82
Oh GOD it’s like a nightmare come to life

Me: Oh boy WoL CSB! I can’t wait to pull for that on 30th Fest!
DeNa: yeahhhhh about that...
Me: what? ;_;
DeNa: SURPRISE! *middle finger*
Me: *weeps uncontrollably then eventually gets over it and is just “annoyed”*


DeNa: Hey guess what?!?! WoL CSB is back!
Me: :D
DeNa: *cough* on a sort of trap banner with 15 other items *cough*
Me: What was that?
DeNa: Nothing... (whispering) DO IT
Me: Huh?
"If you come here, you'll find me...I promise..." ~Squall Leonhart
"Tonight's the night we silence you, there's nowhere left to run." ~ADTR

User Info: orius

6 months ago#83
I got WoL OSB and Matoya BSB, and I'm low on Mythril. Skip it.

User Info: FedEx_Corp

6 months ago#84
100gem-Matoya BSB.

Dang, my FF1 relics starting looking primetime.

User Info: Chaos-Striker

6 months ago#85
100-gem draw:

Mythic Maracas

Cool, now I have both Echo SSBs.
~A different breed of gamer
FFRK ID: 9zNA - Eiko's Guardian Mog, Zack's Lucky Stars

User Info: azortex

6 months ago#86
100 Gems = 3*
Cloud Ultra Cross Slash - 9DP5
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