Bartz vs Tidus

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User Info: KnightLordST

6 months ago#1
Who is the stronger one in pure DPS?
Who is the better overall character?

Unlike ace USB, bartz and Tidus both have powerful chase damage in their respective USBs.
Bartz can cover 4 elements though Tidus Usb has inherent En-water and an NE attachment
Bartz USB gets 15 seconds of quickcast while Tidus gets 1 instant cast.

But if we count all their relics, who is the winner?
Bartz - Spellblade king known for his Multicast potential
Tidus - Water king, owner of the Water CSB and insane if he has unlimited SB gauges for endless instant-cast chaining with his UsB and bsb2 combo.

User Info: Thaxagoodname

6 months ago#2
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User Info: Nameless-Ace

6 months ago#3
I feel like triple casting snowspell strike is more powerful plus he can hit so many elements. I think tidus does more though due to his usb giving him enelement as well. But if you give bartz a en element also the competition is much closer.
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User Info: BeckyBoo

6 months ago#4

User Info: Sceptile01

6 months ago#5
Tidus is the water king, no doubt, but Bartz is better overall. Also doublecast spellblade is so versatile, due to which Bartz is on my Fenrir sub30 team and he caps per hit and does 40k more often than not.

I also have all Bartz Bsbs so Bartz has enwater too if needed though admittedly that's better for JS since 2 SB gauges take toi long otherwise.

User Info: Solarwind

6 months ago#6
If you can whale continuously until you have everything for Tidus, my understanding is that he's the best water DPS.

Obviously Bartz is more versatile. I assume they work excellently together with the chain.
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User Info: raoxi

6 months ago#7
Neutral/Water - Tidus
Everything else - Bartz

So Bartz wins imo. Outside of any crazy entrust team at least.

User Info: ao_bomber

6 months ago#8
Hard to say, Tidus requires a bit more investment (need his USB AND either one of his BSBs or his CSB) for a much higher payoff, while Bartz really only needs either his USB, his LMR, or one of his EnElement SBs to shine. Tidus also has to worry about whether the boss resists Water or not (while Bartz has 4 elements to abuse his USB/OSB with and can even fall back to SSS or even Flare Strike if he needs to).

This assumes both characters are already fully LDived (or you plan to complete their entire record sphere anyway).

Basically it's a matter of whether you want a specialist (Tidus) or a versatile (Bartz) character for a DPS.
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User Info: dracostreex

6 months ago#9
if we are talking of PURE damage potential regardless of element

bartz wins since with the lrm and lm2 he can QUADCAST and have a chase rigth after
tidus at best can doublecast followed by his chase

in a situation where both can esaily reach soft cap you could switch the much more damage on bartz with orlandeau's level 99 rm to increase the chances of multicasting even more,or simply use mako migth to have quick casts from his usb.

User Info: ellis123

6 months ago#10
ao_bomber posted...
need his USB AND either one of his BSBs or his CSB

Why in the world would you need his BSBs for his USB? He already has access a move that is on par with their commands (which gets buffed later on IIRC) and he's better of with using the USB itself for damage. In that same line I fail to see how the CSB is necessary for him to get his USB to work. Sure they're insane together, but it's hardly a requirement to keep him in line with Bartz. His USB alone is roughly on par with Bartz's (as mentioned before: stronger for water/neutral, weaker elsewhere). CSB + USB on Tidus is a dramatically higher damage output than Bartz's USB (+ any of his BSBs) if there is no resistance and really shouldn't be compared damage-wise.
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