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User Info: SolitaireD

4 months ago#1
Plan for the banner - Results (176 votes)
100 Gems/5 Mythrils
26.7% (47 votes)
Less than 50 Mythrils
1.7% (3 votes)
One 11-pull
26.14% (46 votes)
Two 11-pull
12.5% (22 votes)
More than 100 Mythrils
5.68% (10 votes)
Skipping entirely
27.27% (48 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Prompto's USB, "Trigger-Happy":
- Imperil Lightning
- Quick Cast 1
- Trigger-Happy for 15 seconds; ID: 50020

Trigger-Happy: Quick Cast 1 after using Machinist abilities

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

4 months ago#2
All stats are L20 (L25 for USB/OSB) before realm synergy. Credits to Enlir for SB and relic details.


Prompto's Cocytus (6* Gun; 160 ATK)
[USB "Trigger-Happy", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
10 random Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, Imperil Lightning, Quick Cast 1 & Trigger-Happy to user (10 x 0.72)
Trigger-Happy: Quick Cast 1 after using Machinist abilities
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500400/20170519_wXHTtZAfTbY.mp4)

Aranea's Stoss Spear (6* Spear; 176 ATK)
[OSB "Highwind (XV)", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
Single-target Lightning/Dark Overstrike jump attack, higher multiplier if exploiting weakness (1 x 11.25/12.75)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500600/20170519_wLe4bZ2B1YA.mp4)

Prompto's Fatigues (Light Armor w/ Lightning resist; 17 ATK / 117 DEF / 117 RES)
[BSB "Random Piercer", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
8 random Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, Instant Cast, ATK & DEF -40%*, Burst Mode (8 x 0.93)
Attack -> 4 single-target Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, Quick Machinist 2 (4 x 0.55, Machinist)
Defend -> 2 single-target Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, DEF -40%** (2 x 1.10, Machnist)
*ID: 611, **ID: 604
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500400/20170519_B9prlvZ_bEk.mp4)

Aranea's Helm (Helm w/ Lightning boost; 17 ATK / 116 DEF / 104 RES)
[BSB "Aerial Superiority", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
8 single-target Lightning/Dark jump attacks, En-Lightning, Burst Mode (8 x 0.83)
Attack -> 2 single-target Lightning/Dark ranged physical attacks, No Air Time 2 (2 x 0.98, Dragoon)
Defend -> 4 single-target Lightning/Dark physical attacks, Dragoon Damage +9% for 3 turns (4 x 0.47, Dragoon)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500600/20170519_jdf5XKGyVmo.mp4)

Noctis's Prince's Fatigues (Light Armor; 17 ATK / 116 DEF / 116 RES)
[BSB "Kings of Old", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
10 single-target physical attacks, Instant Cast, ATK/DEF/RES +30%* to user, Burst Mode (10 x 0.77)
Attack -> Death Drop: 2 single-target physical attacks, High Quick Cast 2 (2 x 0.95, Combat)
Defend -> Point-Warp: 30% Stoneskin & Smart Ether 1 (Combat)
*ID: 6003
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500100/20170317_sAwbav5NKxQ.mp4)

Iris's Moogle Plushie (Thrown; 81 ATK / 25 MAG / 139 MND)
[BSB, "Kupo Cure" +10 MND upon Mastery]
h55 heal, 30% Stoneskin & Astra to party, Burst Mode
Attack -> Pocket Elixir: Single-target h105 heal, Instant Cast (White Magic)
Defend -> Pocket Potion: h25 heal to party (White Magic)
Foreseeable Return: 3rd Anniversary Fest 1?
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500500/20170317_OLAjYeWFk-A.mp4)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

4 months ago#3

Aranea's Bracer (Bracer w/ Lightning resist; 33 ATK / 97 DEF / 18 MAG / 93 RES / 18 MND)
[LMR "Skyward Heroine", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
En-Lightning for 25 seconds at the start of battle
Foreseeable Return: None

Prompto's Iron Bangle (Bracer; 33 ATK / 97 DEF / 18 MAG / 93 RES / 18 MND)
[LMR "Commoner's Preparedness", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
25% chance to Dualcast Machinist abilties
Foreseeable Return: None

Noctis's Bronze Bangle (Bracer; 31 ATK / 96 DEF / 18 MAG / 92 RES / 18 MND)
[LMR "Divine Revelation", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
25% chance to Dualcast Combat abilities
Foreseeable Return: None

Prompto's Auto Crossbow (Bow; 127 ATK)
[SSB "Starshell", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
5 AOE Lightning/NE ranged physical attacks, Hyper Break* (5 x 1.13)
*ID: 630
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500400/20170519_LqDt-keOT4c.mp4)

Aranea's Dragon Mail (Heavy Armor; 17 ATK / 143 DEF / 97 RES)
[SSB "Magitek Lance Aerial Art", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
6 single-target Lightning/Dark jump attacks, Magic Blink 1 (6 x 1.23)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500600/20170519_kFH7odPjzrI.mp4)

Noctis's Airstep Sword (Sword; 140 ATK)
[SSB "Gladiolus Link", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
6 single-target physical attacks, Instant Cast, Instant Cast 1 to party (6 x 1.27)
Foreseeable Return: None
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11500100/20170317_OLxv3EZJIOQ.mp4)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

4 months ago#4
Cocytus Banner Overview

Once dived, this USB makes Prompto the best provider of Imperil Lightning.
And he can do so by spamming the 6-hit Tempest Snipe, instead of Spark Offer.
Plus the Dualcast Machinist LMR in this banner.
While he lacks En-Lightning, a 1/2 CT Tempest Snipe spam can be deadly which makes him one of the strongest user of physical Lightning.
Also, this has one of the most fun SB animation in the game.

Stoss Spear:
Most of you should know how potent OSBs are in Magicite Dungeons.
And the ones with higher multiplier from exploiting weakness are especially good.

Prompto's Fatigues:
Another variation of Mustadio/Laguna's BSB. This provides instant opening in exchange of Instant Machinist command.
Unless you have a battery or need the burst damage, SB bar is better off refreshing Prompto's USB.
As a standalone, it is more of a debuff BSB though the ID is nothing special.

Aranea's Helm:
One of the best Dragoon BSBs, and a clone of Ricard's (he's supposed to come first).
Aranea's biggest issue is Kain. Since he is a better Lightning Dragoon in every single aspect.
So for fanboys, for the stat stick, for CM.

Prince's Fatigues:
A "better than nothing" relic.
Not a star in this banner since the main focus is on Prompto and Noctis' other relics.
At this point, you will be better off looking towards the future for the next level of power creep.
Certainly not a bad BSB, it's great. Just not a banner decision.

Moogle Plushie:
Having one of the best healing BSBs here is a huge incentive for those who lack XV synergy.
Nothing bad can be said about this if it is not a dupe to you.

Aranea's Bracer:
Allows her to just Lightning Dive from the start and use that to gain SB bar.

Iron Bangle:
Since Prompto is all about spamming Tempest Snipe, 12-hits are just delicious.
Also a great aid in Imperil and Chaining.

Bronze Bangle:
Could very well be the main goal for those who have dived Noctis.
Those Omega Drives that he can spam from the start instantly......

Auto Crossbow:
CM use.

Dragon Mail:
This arrived at least 6 months late.
Don't even bother seeing this as a stat stick since there aren't any challenging XV fights in the foreseeable future.

Airstep Sword:
Very situational since the value varies among players.

Conclusion: From Prompto USB+LMR, for Iris BSB, and for those lacking the specific Noctis toy.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 months ago#5
As much as I'd like to take another shot as Iris's BSB, won't have the Mythril to pull here, so just 100 gems.
Don't read my sig. You're just wasting your time.

User Info: Cuticrusader09

4 months ago#6
Will wait until after maintenance to make a decision. Maybe 1 pull at a chance at Noctis's lmr (have his ssb, bsb & USB) and have dived him.
zkUj - Cloud USB

User Info: dragoonic

4 months ago#7
Nothing here is tempting enough for me even though my lightning team is pathetic. Hopefully I grab more 15 stuff in fests/LDs before the torment materializes
Wishes he had one dragoon relic

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

4 months ago#8
Lots of stuff that might be useful, but nothing that I truly need outside of XV. And a couple of duds, to be certain. I don't think there's any more FFXV content through JP currently, either... Edit: And I also suspect that there may never be a Torment for this realm.

If I can't beat the FFXV CM with no SBs, I might pull here. But more likely, it's a skip.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Desclipse369

4 months ago#9
I agree with you on Prompto's USB animation, I really love how much he seem to be having fun in it.
3DS: 1091-8808-5429 FFRK: fkDd Cloud USB FFBE: 367,273,176 Orlandeau 942 ATK
" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibvW_ReKJok " -Ramza

User Info: Sceptile01

4 months ago#10
My XV synergy may not be great but Gladiolus Bsb is enough for now.
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